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Upgrade for Canon ef-s 15/85 lens

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I have used my Canon ef-s 15/85 lens on a crop sensor for most of my stock photography. I have been happy with the range, which makes it a good walkabout lens. However, I am begining to have conserns with image quality in all but bright conditions. CA has always been an issue, but i have learned to work arround it.

Has anyone a suggestion for an upgrade?

I have considered 24/105 L, but thought I would loose too much at the wide end. I have 10/22 and 70/200, so may have to consider more lens changing "on the go" .

Thanks in advance for any suggestions and help.


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MY standard lens on aps-c Canons is the Sigma 17-50 f2.8. It isn't perfect but very rarely have a QC failure and it's cheaper than the Canon equivalent. My workflow is DXO as a raw converter through lightroom to photoshop. Hope this helps.


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