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Upload problem

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I uploaded 30 images on Tuesday.


I set the upload running and checked that the images were uploading, left it for a few minutes and when I came back I either expected them to be finished and the blue 'finish' box to be there, or a few images still left to be uploaded.  Instead the original upload screen came back up. I just thought there was a gremlin so uploaded the batch again, only for the same thing to happen.


At this point I gave up and decided I would try again on Wednesday. On checking AIM on Wednesday morning, there were the images, but only 27/30, uploaded twice. I deleted the duplicate 27, and keyworded the rest as normal.


On Thursday I uploaded another batch of 38 - the same happened again when 36 images had been uploaded, then the original screen reappeared before they had all gone through, so I didn't re-upload again and fair enough there they were this morning - but 2 images missing.


Sorry for the long winded explanation,  but has any body else had this problem?





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There's been summat funny going on, as I reported on another thread. I've just had a sub take 3 days to arrive in AIM. I'd duplicated it because it appeared to have vanished. It happened the other day as well.

So no, it's not you, it's at Alamy's end.

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This evening uploads via the browser failed on two occasions so I abandoned that approach and tried via FTP. The submission did not show up in AIM and I tried again with the same result. I wonder now if this will appear as a duplicate submission when I check in the morning. A little frustrating if that is the case as it seems to be a recurring issue.

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As expected a number of images have shown up as duplicates (12 of the 20 submitted although 8 did not get duplicated) but all of the files show up as a single submission rather than two. Not really clear what happened but the lesson seems to be with Alamy as with many things patience is the key :unsure:

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