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  1. Interesting move from Almy - seems to be more about restricting the number of images rather than effectively QC for those it gets. I can understand why as there have been comments about variable quality and newsworthiness in the past. I have only uploaded a few times and only I think weather related. Never sold via this route although similar images seem to be frequently reported as being bought. However as others have said it will essentially limit their pool of potential news images to those sent by previous contributors.
  2. Opted out of NU and distribution - I can sell images for fractions of a dollar elsewhere (and do so unlike here).
  3. Interesting question and one I'm pondering at the moment. I'm 5 months in and have uploaded around 550 images which I acknowledge is very little compared to many here. I have also uploaded a similar number of images to a couple of other sites. The impression I had was that sales on Alamy might well be fewer but would be worth more. Other sites have produced sales, mainly for very small sums but occasionally for a few dollars. I still wait for my first sale here and I find it concerning that the sales fee reported frequently here in recent months is very similar to those from microstock sites.
  4. I use Filezilla which is free to download. Easy to set up (get the settings from the relevant Alamy page) and has worked quickly and without errors even on the (frequent) occasions when the uploader isn't playing. I haven't measured the speed but a batch of 10 high quality JPEG files between 10 and 14Mb takes 3 or 4 minutes on my broadband connection.
  5. My understanding is that the fact of a Court judgement against a lawyer (even small claims) is something that the Law Society takes a dim view of (at least in England). On one occasion when I was getting nowhere extracting my fee from a solicitor in England a formal letter informing them of my intention to go to the small claims court in 21 days was sufficient to generate prompt payment. It may be worth informing them of your intention to go to court in the hope they will engage before you have to do so.
  6. Surprisingly (to me) the submission passed QC. I've deleted the duplicate images, retained my 3* QC rating and will show more patience in the future!
  7. As expected a number of images have shown up as duplicates (12 of the 20 submitted although 8 did not get duplicated) but all of the files show up as a single submission rather than two. Not really clear what happened but the lesson seems to be with Alamy as with many things patience is the key
  8. This evening uploads via the browser failed on two occasions so I abandoned that approach and tried via FTP. The submission did not show up in AIM and I tried again with the same result. I wonder now if this will appear as a duplicate submission when I check in the morning. A little frustrating if that is the case as it seems to be a recurring issue.
  9. Rather more modest positive here - this was the first Monday I've got the web uploader to work wihout a problem (although I have mastered the FTP route). Also got my 300th image up for sale today . 1 zoom so far so my CTR is a poor 0.4 and waiting for my first sale....... However from small acorns etc as I am staying positive!
  10. Returning from Montreal :-) Anyone else struggling with uploads today? I'm using Safari on a Mac and keep getting a lot of upload errors although the files affected go through at the second or third attempt. No problems at all uploading the same files to another site. Last Monday was very slow and error prone as well - is it just the post-weekend rush or something else?
  11. Thanks NYCat. Have done. Lovely portfolio by the way. Mark
  12. Hi, Just a quick note to introduce myself. Just getting my head around Alamy membership and beginning to sort out images to upload. Already grateful for tips from those in the from. Regards, Mark
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