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And I'm grateful for the 28 cents I suppose, as it's a 28% hike on the basic (a Roberto Martinez-esque positive view). That's probably the lowest return I've had on any image and a bit demoralising as it is sold as "Worldwide" "travel and tourism" "NU Editorial website and app multiple use" - the timescale is "In perpetuity". The image is BR2M17 - nothing special ,just a record shot of a sign post for a famous and madly eccentric store in Singapore that sells everything from tin tacks to tractors.


Can anyone tell me what "NU Editorial website" actually means?



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Sign for the famous Mustafa's department store in Little India, Singapore Stock Photo

Stephen, Nice pic. No idea what NU Editorial means - would be interested to find out.  In perpetuity for that amount does seem somewhat depressing /demoralising! Hopefully, just an opening shot, behind the scenes they are arranging mega deals for mega bucks for the future. ;-)

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