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  1. Will - I'm agreeing with everyone else too - a nice set and you've keyworded a lot of the right things so you could be found if people search. At this point you're in a bit of a numbers game - 61 images up there but a lot less "subjects" - 5 are are of a pigeon, similar number of a specific butterfly. So the number of searches you're going to appear relevant in is still quite limited. Get more online and with your quality here things will come.
  2. If I have this in the wrong forum please tell me and I'll move it there! I've spent part of lockdown refocussing and redeveloping my own website. It's bene enjoyable and has led me to develop a few for other people and organisations that are not looking for the moon. I got to the part where I want to be able to sell wall art of some of my own images - the question is do I built that in or do I use a third party service I can either forward web users to, or put as an engine behind my own. I note the likes of Zenfolio and Picfair have some offerings in that area, but seem to want the
  3. You would definately need them. you know it's your own family, even grumpy Uncle Bill, but a potential buyer does not. Using the release literally could "release" more sales.
  4. Looks like we're getting our wishes. Our manager said it's not possible for the championship to finish with an integrity - I agree with him. Whilst we will benefit I fele for those in Hull who have lost 4 key players to contract issues and two stars in January to financial issues. They were plummeting pre lockdown, now they look doomed - and Charlton not a lot better losing Lyle Taylor. They're below us so I'm happy but Barnsley and Luton may be very happy. On a more interesting note, have anyone noticed the photographers at the games? They appear to be using the empty crowd space
  5. As a Wigan supporter it means if the season's cancelled, we're safe........
  6. i would assume Alamy are making payments via a finacial service like a bank, who would then choose their method of payment. As my day job in City IT Consultancy all the Banks i've come across have Swift links so they could make the change fairly easily interally and the customers would not notice.
  7. It's harder to find mine there - as my name is the same as a politician (Lib Dem) who turns up first. If I put in Stephen Lloyd Photography I find a lot. However, there's no "age" correlation in the selection.
  8. A sample of 55 voters on Alamy is not significant statistically - I doubt even Cambridge Analytica would use the data. Take it back, they'd find a way to use and sell it. Which is why I did not give information away! and there was no "what's a sale" option.
  9. not sure what you mean by eps as it's not an acronym i use. What happened in the end?
  10. Mark Chamberlain - legacy of my student days in the Potteries. he had a few years at Vale late 70s and early 80s (where he played against my boys) before going to Stoke where he didn't - we were too low back then. Very fast, direct winger. Played in the same Stoke squad as Peter Fox, Sammy Mcilroy, the very very tall Brendan O'Callaghan who scored inside 12 seconds of his debut with his first touch (headed in a corner), Paul Bracewell, Mickey Thomas, a good side by local standards but a bit less fun than a few years earlier. And a lot more than now! He also played for England. Be
  11. Makes me feel old as I watched Alex's dad play at both Stoke and Port Vale. Sadly Alex did score against us at Wembley back in 2014 (me, bitter, yes)
  12. So far in my life I've been all ages from 1 minutes (and crying) to 61 and a bit, still crying but that's down to my football team more than anything else. So that covers a lot of ages:)
  13. remember when looking at the RAM ,what speed is it? DDR4/DDR3? What can the board take? I used to do all my own builds but less so now. Solid states are good - but higher capacity comes at a price. If using windows it can mean a reinstall and reconfigure if you don't want Win10 to try to send everything, including some app files, to the Windows Drive option. After a recent crash I rebuilt and speed only came back after I'd made windows do what I wanted and not what MS did.
  14. I suggest you look at Alamy measures, see what keywords are being searched. You can see "Mustela putoriuss" there for Latin names and "zvartnots" also "zurich schipfe" for local names. I am not suggesting put bateau in alongside boat, but proper names do put in.
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