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Hi, can someone please tell me how it is possible for my total zoom count to be less today (1 August 2018) than it has been for the last 2 weeks. I understand that a payment can be refunded to a buyer and then reclaimed from me but i cannot for the life of me understand how a ZOOMED image can by UNZOOMED. What am I missing.


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The total zoom count is only for the last 12 months so the data resets every beginning of the month which is why the zoom count reduces. 


So basically as we are beginning a new month, the dashboard data now counts from 01/08/2017, so the zooms you've had in July 2017 are not included anymore.

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Humble and sincere grovelling apologies to all. It was a date issue. I didnt realise that total zooms only covered 12 months and the dates dont appear to be vflexible beyond that. Im probably wrong their as well but I cant go back further using my tablet.

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