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Hi all, apologies as this has probably been asked before.  I haven't used Alamy since about 2010/11 for various reasons.  However, having found that 3 of my images sold, it has given me new hope and I have started uploading again in small batches which have been approved.  So I've done the keywording and all but 5 images are showing for sale.  No matter what I seem to do with these 5 images, I can't get them to show for sale, just wondering what I could possibly be doing wrong.  I'm the first to admit that I do struggle with keywording etc., but thought it strange that the others were ok.


Also when I search my name on Alamy it does not show up - well it does but it's someone elses images not mine.


Any help greatly appreciated.


Carol Saunders

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If they show as on sale in the Image Manager you just have to wait 24 hours for the database to update. If they don't show as on sale make sure you have added the caption. One of my pet peeves is that you have to click on "add caption" to be able to do that. A search for your name will only show your images if you have put your name in the keywords. An advanced search will show them.



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Welcome to the forum. Can't help much with images not showing on sale - just make sure everything is filled in, minimum number of keywords etc.  If you mean they are not showing up in searches then you might need to wait until the servers have been updated.  Check again on Monday (can't remember if they update over the weekend).


As to your name - you need to go to 'Advanced Search' then search by  'Contributor Name'.  The reason the others are showing in a normal search is that both 'Carol' and 'Saunders' are in the caption field.

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Five tags and a caption should get you on sale.

If I click on the blue number under your avatar (114) I get all your images. If I search on my own name, I only get images where it's in the caption or keywords- I have some from live news captions or archive images where I credit myself as photographer. It's not how you find your own images.

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Hi, many thanks for your prompt responses everyone.  The 5 escapees have been keyworded and captioned.  However, as suggested I will wait until Monday and see what happens as also when I copy and paste the url for me, it's only the ancient images that are showing and not the newer ones, maybe they also will appear on Monday.  


Also I have written a separate email to Alamy as I can't seem to change my profile name on here, I have absolutely no idea how the LRPS appeared, I never even had this in 2010 and don't even use it.  It seems impossible to change although I have looked in the obvious places.


Really appreciate all your help.



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