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"Möchten Sie diese Website auf Deutsch nutzen?"?

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Just a small detail. Alamy keeps asking if I want to use the site in German. I'm not in a German speaking country, and I don't use a German VPN. Any idea why Alamy would suggest I use German? (I'll refrain from making any historical references.)

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That's strange. I am in Germany and yet it remembers my preference for English.

Used to be I'd have to reset it after dumping cookies, but now that's not a problem.


edit: It used to be that the main Alamy page would come up in German until I switched it.

It would then remain in English until I dumped cookies. However the "Möchten Sie …" message

does appear on the My dashboard page, time after time. Given that one is accepting cookies, it would be

nice if there were one that remembers the language preference.

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