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Why was my thread deleted?

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I suppose that the description  "Alamy Contributor Forum"  can be read in a number of ways - basically it is a 'managed' forum and as such the number of regular contributors will be limited - there are other places where these matters of other libraries/agencies can be discussed freely - I was invited to join one a couple of times recently - but I spend/waste enough time here ! 


As long as you know it is censored then you can evaluate the worth of the thing for yourself - on the whole Alamy is open in its dealings with forumites and contributors in general - perhaps they should just say it clearly in their terms that promoting competitors is unwelcome........

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You can discuss most things freely here, which is why we very rarely delete anything, but using the Alamy forum to promote other libraries, agencies or selling services should be avoided in general.




James A

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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