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  1. Instead of putting the boot into the contributors, who make the business possible, Alamy should instead 1/ Take out a business loan for expansion, improvements 2/ Stop donating our money to charity without our consent 3/ Start making effective changes such as implementing a legitimate QC 4/ Improve the look and design of the website
  2. Take a loan out in order to become more competitive, don't take out your lack of effectiveness in the marketplace on your contributors. There's been plenty of opportunity for Alamy as Getty is a shadow of what it was. Unfortunately Alamy hasn't been on the ball at all.
  3. I live outside the UK and am paid by Paypal. I always get the Alamy email but not this month. However according to my account balance I will recieve a paypal payment this month.
  4. I got the congratulations email today. Obviously it's a good thing however I winder how they calculate it?
  5. Just as contributors need to think about the quality of their own portfolio, Alamy could probably think more about quality of its collection rather than quantity. Get rid of excessive similars and the collection would be down to 40 million, that's just a start.
  6. Bad month so far. Alamy retains its ongoing position as my worst performing agency by several hundred %. I have images to keyword but it's not on my priority list. Being the agency with the most photos isn't necessarily a positive.
  7. After having a BME in Feb, March was back to poor. I made more out of 115 photos at SS than I did with 6500 at Alamy which doesn't surprise me considering Alamy's been my worst performer numbers wise.
  8. Hi Paul, I have real trouble agreeing with you about the quality of the Stockimo content. The vast majority of the pictures accepted to date would not get on to any of the major microstock libraries simply on the grounds of subject and composition alone, let alone quality issues; the microstock libraries are saturated with images of views through a plane window, apples, cakes flowers, sunsets and too many others to mention. There are some nice pictures in the collection but creativity seems mostly to consist of adding a border, vignette or filter - something well within the imagination and
  9. BME!! 8 sales $860, average price way up. Still not great but I'll gladly take it since there's 40m+ photos now is it? It'd be good to see 10m similars purged, I recently deleted 50+ similars.
  10. anyone else still waiting? Not sure why we get a payment statement at the start of the month if we're going to be made to wait until after the 18th
  11. Does anyone know if Alamy's market share and total annual revenue is growing? This would be useful to know as the number of photos online continues its steady growth. That info was provided until a few years ago, but I suppose it was something they didn't have to offer in the first place. Just wondering if we're shooting to maintain our position or if the pie is growing. Regards Paul
  12. Yes that makes no sense at all when glamour returns 200000+ images. It needs clarifying even if it is obvious between the lines.
  13. Had a $9000 (net) many years ago. Not from Alamy though. A few hundred $ is my biggest ever from Alamy, I don't expect that to change, my Alamy portfolio = few sales for low prices, better than nothing I suppose.
  14. If you look at any large bookshop, Lonely Planet is still a dominant travel guide publisher. They also have plenty of new titles still coming out. They've downsized but still going strong. Digital publishing is now a big part of their business. Not sure where the presumptions of doom are coming from.
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