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Newbie wants to sell german editorial


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Hello guys,
I'm a 24 year old male student from cologne and just started to upload some pictures to Alamy. About 1 1/2 years ago I startet uploading some pictures I took with my smartphone to a german app called "Eyeem".

Since then I uploaded about 500 random pictures without really thinking about my compositions and tags. If pictures pass the Quality-Chheck they are selected for a premium collection wich is accessable for Getty-Buyers. About 113 Pictures made it throug and earned me a total of 250 dollar over the last year.
I now started to buy several photobooks and consumed a lot of online courses to step up my photography game (also switched from my Smartphone to Fuji X-E1). I'm also reading a lot in this forum to get an idea of what it takes to sell on Alamy.

I now started to upload my first pictures. I really like alamy because of a it's low number of rejections and the community. I couldn't find any other stock plattform with such a nice and large community where everyone is welcome.

I figured out that Alamy is mainly a platform to sale editorial pictures. I really like this idea and would like to start capturing editorial topics, but I'm not sure if Alamy is the right place to sell editorials from germany. So i would like to ask, if anyone of you has some experience with this topic or if you would advice me to upload to a german editorial stock agency instead.



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I cannot help with how well German editorial images sell on Alamy, but I do see quite a few for sale here.


A couple of comments on your images.


Unreleased model / property should be marked RF editorial only if sold as RF -- the optional tab on Alamy Image Manager.   Your M7R76D for example.


You also need to work on captioning and tagging  (keywording).  For example M7R7G6.  I would have the name of the chapel (if known) and its location in the caption.  Your tags have France -- wouldn't think this appropriate for a photo taken in Monaco.  Inappropriate tags can lead to views that won't be zoomed, which will tend to lower your ranking.


You have made a good start  -- nice photos and good variety.


Best of luck.




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@ John

I had to upload about 300 pictures of wich only 113 were selected by Getty, because I had no idea of what I was doing. But these few pictures gave me a lot of sales between 2 and 15 dollar and even two sales of 50 and 60 dollar. Until today I have sold 26 licences, wich is very good for a time span of one year and 113 pictures I think. But It does take about 3-4 months until pictures are gooing online on getty. So be patient and keep on uploading.


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Unfortunately most sales to German markets are via distributor, so you only get 30%. You may be better off going direct to the distributor. I can't name it here, but Alamy's distributors are listed on the website.

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