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  1. F22 - what is the point?

    handy way to check how clean your sensor is. Everything shows up.
  2. First sale

    Well done. Nice shot of the 'four faced liar'.
  3. been awhile

    Hello Ramlieder, Alamy is different to other agencies. You need a LOT more images to see sales. Good luck.
  4. 5000 Milestone at last

    Well done! I was looking to buy my son a graduation present so I think I will go for a sony DSC-RX100 as your submissions look great.
  5. Royal Wedding - worth the hassle?

    Careful what you wish for I did weddings, social, school and a few other bits and bobs for several years, really loved it at first but hated it towards the end. I switched to I.T. / Telecoms and much preferred that. I am finally enjoying photography again but I only shoot what I want ( with the odd stocks-ey or anorak shot when I feel like it )
  6. Good point and will remember in future. More of a problem with my work flow and organisation as I am new to this. Well it went through so I deleted and resubmitted.
  7. Thanks for pointing this out.
  8. I uploaded an image I hadn't finished editing. Can it be removed before QC or will the whole batch be rejected? Cheers
  9. Newbie wants to sell german editorial

    Good luck and welcome Phteeven. It's good to know you made some money on EyeEm. I uploaded about 40 before my phone broke.
  10. Hello from Manchester

    Hi Shahid I am impressed with your work. Good luck.
  11. Hi, John from Clare Ireland.

    Hi MDM, Thanks for the suggestions.
  12. Hi, John from Clare Ireland.

    Just had my three initial submissions approved . New to Stock and I am into photographing travel and landscape type work. Hoping to improve, make some friends and perhaps earn a little beer money down the road. Do most of the forum members submit to just Alamy, or do you upload to many? Cheers John