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  1. Yes! It commands you to photograph it. Probably one for the instagram account though
  2. I prefer the term socialist realism, turned in to a right architect geek since taking up stock photography. Nice shots of Gdansk
  3. and Gloucester too by the looks of it. Lol. Trying to find good neighborhoods with traces of the old Communist regime, sadly the city was mostly flattened by the Nazis
  4. Hello Forum, I have a few days planned in this Capital and was wondering what was worth seeing and possibly photographing? Many thanks
  5. Had taken some time off due to a bereavement and just checked in to see my first sale. As is a common theme it was a photo I almost didn't upload but just goes to show. Thanks to everyone here in making this forum such a good resource. https://www.alamy.com/image-details-popup.asp?Imageid=BF6BF86B-16A8-4AC4-A560-B96F74C27BDB
  6. https://www.instagram.com/jrodg_photos/ Just a few pics of Ireland.
  7. What if the artist is selling prints or he is selling images of his artwork online? you can put a lot of your own creativity into photographing a building , but when you walk up to a mureal and shoot it straight on. Well your just a button pressing monkey....
  8. It could affect your upload rating. I take them for my own personal pleasure but I don't upload them. I wouldn't feel comfortable making money off someone else's artistic creation.
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