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  1. I know , I was answering his question. The link I posted gives info on applying for one before he arrives.
  2. Fyi https://www.citizensinformation.ie/en/social_welfare/irish_social_welfare_system/personal_public_service_number.html
  3. Sorry, the local police station. Or in Irish an garda siochana, it's where you go to speak to an immigration representative.
  4. I would suggest Calling the citizens advice in Sligo as a place to start in regards to obtaining a pps. I couldn't get a straight answer for a works visa for my American wife when we called the embassy from the usa , so she flew over on a travel visa waiver , went to the local guard station and they sorted it there and then. Ireland can be funny like that sometimes. Not like when I got my us green card. Good luck Ed, Sligo is a bit on the small side but I like it a lot. Shame you are probably priced out of cork city as unlike Dublin it is such a walk friendly city with
  5. Hi Ed, A lot of places rent out via word of mouth in Ireland as the tax is very high on rentals income. There is a decent enough Hospital in Oranmore and it really doesn't rain as much as people think, although on saying that the odd summer can be cold and miserable. Not sure about editorial but in regards to general photography the Maamturks and that whole area is one of the most beautiful spots in the world. I have lived in the UK and a few places in the USA and while Ireland certainly has its problems there is no other country in the world I would rather live.
  6. Yes! It commands you to photograph it. Probably one for the instagram account though
  7. I prefer the term socialist realism, turned in to a right architect geek since taking up stock photography. Nice shots of Gdansk
  8. and Gloucester too by the looks of it. Lol. Trying to find good neighborhoods with traces of the old Communist regime, sadly the city was mostly flattened by the Nazis
  9. Hello Forum, I have a few days planned in this Capital and was wondering what was worth seeing and possibly photographing? Many thanks
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