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  1. My first sale :)

  2. My first sale :)

    thanks ,
  3. My first sale :)

    Had taken some time off due to a bereavement and just checked in to see my first sale. As is a common theme it was a photo I almost didn't upload but just goes to show. Thanks to everyone here in making this forum such a good resource.
  4. Instagram Just a few pics of Ireland.
  5. Street art/mural confusion

    What if the artist is selling prints or he is selling images of his artwork online? you can put a lot of your own creativity into photographing a building , but when you walk up to a mureal and shoot it straight on. Well your just a button pressing monkey....
  6. Street art/mural confusion

    It could affect your upload rating. I take them for my own personal pleasure but I don't upload them. I wouldn't feel comfortable making money off someone else's artistic creation.
  7. First milestone reached :)

    well done!
  8. West Coast of Eire

    HI Russel , thanks I know of the bellvelly smokehouse in Cobh and I believe they have a store in the English market. ? I would also agree with your choice of the beara and west Cork, Spent many a summer holiday there as a child.
  9. West of Madrid?

    So I am taking the family to Spain for a couple of weeks and was wondering what all you knowlegable folks here would recommend seeing and photographing. I am staying in a couple of places near Avila and Segovia, I particularly love small towns with lots of character as well as old churches and castles. cheers
  10. West Coast of Eire

    As others mentioned cork city and the surrounding area is not to be missed, it is very compact with lots to see and photograph such as the English market , st fin barres cathedral, shandon, cork gaol and even an Elizabethan fort if you look hard enough:) , Spike and fota island as well as Blarney castle are very close to the city. Probably my favourite place in the world. further up my way are the Cliffs of Moher, the Burren , Bunratty castle and folk park all worth seeing too. Just don't drive yourself mad trying to fit everything in, so much to see...
  11. Before I risk an upload

    nice shots,
  12. Before I risk an upload

    Thanks Mark, its appreciated, and yes I do shoot raw and manual to ensure I do not clip either end of the histogram, but perhaps I need to adjust the tonal curve to bring out more shadow detail as Wim also mentioned . Save my preferences for my own website.
  13. Before I risk an upload

    Hi Spacecadet I think you miss my point. I traveled the world as a professional photographer for 10 years photographing things I didn't enjoy and it killed any passion for taking pictures, of course I would like to sell my images but that is my lowest priority. Now that I am enjoying taking photos again, all I want to do is take the best photographs I can of what I want and to continually improve.
  14. Before I risk an upload

  15. Before I risk an upload

    Not aiming for anything really, just photographing what I want and the buyers can take it or leave it. Great collection by the way.