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Travel Website using watermarked Alamy images


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I found this website while searching for my own images.  They are just grabbing images from Alamy and many other stock libraries and using them free of charge, watermarks intact.  I sent an email last night to CS about the entire website as there are so many infringements to deal with.  Here is a google search I just did which will give you an idea.  I only searched for alamy images but if you have images on other sites it seems to matter that Traveltempters be all one word in your search.



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I am afraid that Alamy may not be able to do anything about this since the website appears to be registered in Tonga, of all places.  At least it only focusses on the USA.

I am tired of finding my photos on websites, culled from Alamy , that are registered in places like Indonesia, Panama etc etc, but not much can be done about it seems.  

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2 hours ago, wiskerke said:

You could send a postcard:


Ava Tarium

34 Alaivahamama'o Bypass Road



HI Ava, having a wonderful time here in America please stop ripping off my photos.  Thanks.


Forever yours,


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