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  1. Hi there, This is my first post on the Forum, so I hope I’m in the correct section etc. Would it be ok to promote my Alamy images on a website I am building? The plan would be to use the image to illustrate an article on the website and provide a direct link to the Alamy image licensing page. The images would obviously be low resolution and watermarked. Apologies if this has been covered before. Steve PS. - any examples of this being done already would be welcomed.
  2. Several days after the London power outage, the Contributor Log-in dropdown menu still fails to connect me to the Contributor Dashboard. Alamy Image Manager, no problem, but whenever I try to click through to the Dashboard, I am defaulted back to the main index page. Is anybody working on this, please?
  3. Hello All, It is just me or everyone? This link: https://www.alamy.com/Alamysearchhistory/contributorsearch.aspx doesn't work for me today. "All of Alamy" opens. Thanks!
  4. Hello fellows, I don't know if I'm missing something, but when browsing through the Alamy website, there is no indication about "exclusive images" (Only available on Alamy), either in stock or live news images, in general search or individual image description (visitors mode). I think it would be an interesting option, useful to highlight the images from "Exclusive collection of stock and live news" and facilitate whoever (potential customers) either searching or browsing through the Alamy website. Andre
  5. I found this website while searching for my own images. They are just grabbing images from Alamy and many other stock libraries and using them free of charge, watermarks intact. I sent an email last night to CS about the entire website as there are so many infringements to deal with. Here is a google search I just did which will give you an idea. I only searched for alamy images but if you have images on other sites it seems to matter that Traveltempters be all one word in your search. https://www.google.com/search?q=traveltempters+alamy&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=fir
  6. I was wondering if you can put a link of your website or block anywhere when you upload stock images. Would be nice to promote yourself as well as the image that you are putting for sale
  7. I would suggest that Alamy make a start at translating their english website into multiple languages. Parts are in German but only parts. Alamy is an english speaking UK company dealing internationally with both clients and photographers, some of whose first language is not english. This means that the subtleties of english language instruction from Alamy are lost for some clients and photographers. Lost on those clients and photographers who only speak english as a second language, or not at all. I see confusion on the Forum because of the english only Alamy photographers instructions.
  8. Hi everyone, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do this, but I'd love to have some thoughts/critics on my personal portfolio that I'm finishing to set up. I spent the last few weeks, even months on this and I'd need some external opinions from photographers on the content/feel/layout of the whole thing. Here it is: http://ajourney.slightlyoutoffocus.com Hope it's fine with the forum rules, and if not you can just close down the topic (sorry!) Thanks for any help. Cheers! Mathieu
  9. I've been considering moving my personal website from PhotoShelter to LightRocket. It seems to do everything I care about at a fraction of the cost. There's less branding and it makes images searchable immediately. My only concern is that it doesn't seem as responsive as PhotoShelter. Does anyone have any experience or opinions on LightRocket? fD
  10. That's the 'Natural Environment Research Council' (UK). Just as a matter of interest, this could be a location to note down as a search for licensed images. They publish a monthly spreadsheet of their spending (listing on their website going back to April 2010). Unfortunately, the spreadsheets don't contain togs names, just details of amounts paid monthly to Alamy, so I guess it's down to a search of their Website or their publications. Just a quickie to start - from the Planet Earth Winter edition 2013 (link to pdf) The full archive listings for the planet Earth mag. (back to 2008) are
  11. I just came across a website which is hosting many Stock images, including many from Alamy. I wish to report the website for unauthorized use. Whom should I write to? The website: http://www.thefemalecelebrity.info/ I've found one of my images, almost full resolution, it appears to have been lifted from a news site. Some images appear to be screen grabs from Alamy search and Alamy blog (e.g., http://www.thefemalecelebrity.info/alamy.html) B Chris Edit: The second link doesn't work for me by clicking.. A search for "alamy" on the main site should work.
  12. When I started out in photography a year or so ago, I instantly created a website, a brand and logo, the whole nine yards. I dreamed of being a lone ranger in the world of photography and doing it as a business. The reality of that all crashed to earth the day I joined Alamy. Also in the months on the forums reading through the experiences of other people who are living pro's. I'm not talking about hobbyist forums where people buy kit for fun and share every picture they ever take on Flickr, but real working working pros. I quickly realised that they are a closed bunch who hardly share a
  13. Guest

    Alamy front end

    Since you asked for ideas.... Ever since Digital Railroad crashed, I've been looking for a front-end-no-fancy-no-hype solution for online licensing. I've looked, experienced, and paid for them all (the usual suspects), but I have found none of them to be very suitable, not coming close to the simplicity and down-to earth offering of DRR. I have touched on this before in the alamy forum (even before DRR crashed). A contributor front end (a simple, fixed design would be fine), perhaps similar to the alamy site, except with option for own logo/name linked back into the alamy database
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