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March 2018 Challenge: Without leaving the house (or garden).


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You can now vote for your favorite image in and around the house here.


Thank you all who have participated!


This challenge may seem so simple, however choosing the final 8 was anything but.


Obviously the television watching dog had to win. However he needed an explaining caption, because there was no tv except the blue glimmer in his eyes. So he lost. But he freed the way for the girl in the snow (same photographer). Which then knocked out the two friends forever and the hula hoop.
On to the cats: The sleeping tabby lost from the blue-eyed ragdoll who lost from the ginger drinking from the tap.
But because he won the cupcakes went overboard (same photographer).
The tit; the starling; the turkey and all the beautiful bugs lost from the merlin who lost from the robin with an attitude. So why is he not in here? Because of all the squirrels. Where in the end (like in the real world) the naughty greys won from the nice cute reds.
All those beautiful gardens in the end lost from a simple crate with basil in a backyard and a pile of books in a hammock.
Then all the stars and moons and snowflakes lost from money on the table which in the end lost from the simple gas flames.
Somehow I managed to lose all the really good images of chores around the house - either being done or waiting to be done (good concept!).
Related to this all the great cookery now goes unacknowledged as well. We had a challenge Taste in December though. When it was winter, snow and holiday season and in the end the serene Christmas morning won. It could indeed also work as a before and after (but is it the same room?).
Which brings us to all the dolls and bears. Only one survived in the end: the oddly moving pair on the fence.


Want to know if you made the longlist? Lightbox here.


Thanks again! Now please let's all go vote!

Remember poll closes in 6 days this time, on Friday April 6th at midnight London time.



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