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Converting slides

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As long as they meet the QC criteria, yes. You will need to use a good quality scanner, or a slide copier or similar setup on a god quality DSLR. Many of us have older photos on Alamy converted from film, and they still sell.




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If you have archival privileges


uploads bypass QC. But obviously it only applies to images which are of at least some historical interest, and not just old. Out of 5000 slides I only have a few hundred which qualify.

I use an Illumitran- with bellows and an enlarger lens for 35mm., and the kit zoom for 6x6.

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2 hours ago, Inchiquin said:

I was thinking of one of those old Russian cameras with a Jupiter lens.




Not familiar with old Russian kit or anything old Russian for that matter. Now if you had said dog quality. I actually upgraded my gear to shoot dogs - well that was one of the reasons I keep telling myself. It does take some serious kit to shoot a running dog and get near 100% hit rate.

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