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Various Alamy Images on this website

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Guess the best move should be to inundate Google of DMCA copyright infringement notices so they'll wipe those f...g thefts away the SERP forever and ever.

PS "or pilot brings up Johnny Rotten for some reason", I suppose it's because good ol' Johnny was the leader of PiL - Public Image Ltd; so, for their "high quality" search engine  pilot>pil>Johnny Rotten (which is per se somewhat hilarious )

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9 hours ago, Southpole said:

Not sure this website is legitimate what do you think. http://www.pinsdaddy.com/old-harry-rock-coves_dcTRPIMkLCzd25yUb9YzfNDmEYGELqsg6Q6GjHp6T7o/


I reported it to alamy 


So long as they are only have lo-res watermarked copies of my images, I just curse, take a deep breath and regard it as free advertising!

There are lots of "scraper" sites like this.


PS. Alamy could do with making their watermark more variable so it's harder to automatically remove though. 



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