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  1. Could it be the fist step towards Alamy being fully merged with PAimages and, consequently, to the disappearance of everything bearing the name Alamy altogether?
  2. Very bad month, so far. Zero sales by mid-September is really unusual. Furthermore, it's been a long time since I got a sale cleared; I am stuck slightly under the payment threshold since June, with several old sales still uncleared after months. Everything seems to have slowed down at Alamy this summer.
  3. I was about to mark all my images as non-exclusive when I asked to myself: "What if, in the near future, exclusivity will become part of Alamy's ranking algorithm?". So, for the time being, I didn't change anything in my port; just stopped uploading to it.
  4. I had same request some months ago; I agreed to the restiction hoping to get a good sale, eventually. As others reported, the sale never finalized and I didnt hear again from Alamy about it (that disappointed me a little, frankly). I wish you more luck than I had ;-).
  5. Apart from my direct sales, I sell my photos (niche photos I don't sell on Alamy) also through another UK-based specialized photo agency. Split is 40(to me)/60(to them) for pictures in exclusivity; yet, the median gross revenue per picture I'm currently getting from them is £250 (so £100 net to me); furthermore, I have a dedicated content editor and their technical editors check every single photo I submit looking for the tiniest spot or hair I didn't notice before and kindly inform me consequently. What Alamy will do for the same 60% they suppose I'd give to them, in comparison?
  6. In theory, no. In practice, yes. It would be enough for them to contact the clients you sold your images directly and threaten them with legal actions and the like. I bet those clients will be so scared that thay'll never buy photos from you again.
  7. Right. For example, in many countries there is no such thing as "editorial content" in the law. Therefore, if someone in one of those counties asks for an indemnity or, worse, takes Alamy to court because he thinks some kind of local rule has been breached, the contributor will have to pay all legal expenses and the like. Maybe, after having got pennies from Alamy for that picture. This is simply unacceptable.
  8. I guess many here are focusing on the new commission scheme, but too few on other one-sided clauses in the new contract. While I'm not happy at all with the new commissions, I could cope with them (though I think that someone who takes 60% (or more) of your work's value must give you a very valuable service in exchange, and I don't think this is the case with Alamy, currently). Yet, what really worries me are the new terms related to obligations, indemnities, and appointment. I report below some clauses from the new contract: So, basically, you are granting Alamy perm
  9. Honestly, I do not fully understand the new commission scheme. What the requirements to be in the "platinum" model are, exactly? Marking all photos as "exclusive" would be enough or not? If a contributor has all images marked as "exclusive" and his/her total yearly license fees fall under $250, his/her Alamy Commission model will revert to silver? I'm quite confused....
  10. Ouch. I was thinking my 6 for $161 was low, but 17 for $164, less than $5 net per sale, are near-to-microstock prices. Furthemore, I had a look at you port, and I think your pictures are really good, and deserve to be paid much more than this. I fear there's something wrong going on at Alamy...
  11. 6 sales this month, so far. The problem is the cleared balance, it has been stuck at $30 for more than a month now. Very few sales have been cleared since June. People buy my photos in quite acceptable numbers, but I don't get the money...;)
  12. These numbers are very similar to mine. And it's a bit worrying, IMHO. Let's do some math. $6.7 gross per image means $3,35 net. To take, develop, check, upload, and keyword properly an image require about 10 minutes in my case. So I can reasonably produce about 6 images per hour, which corresponds to about $20 before tax (and about $15 after tax) per hour of work (I am not considering travelling time and expenses and the equipment costs, though). That's barely acceptable, from a ROI point of view. If prices keep on falling and the total number of photos available on Alamy will grow much furt
  13. I give my 2 cents. As a (very small) web magazine publisher, I can say that for most publishers - apart form the big names that usual have special agreements with one or more photographic agencies - the procedure to find suitable editorial photos for an article is as follows: 1) Go to Flickr (usually, in the portfolio of some photographers you already know) and see if you can get the pictures for free. if you don't find anything useful, then: 2) Go to SS or AS and see if you can buy your photos for pennies. if you don't find anything useful, then: 3) Go to Alamy (or G.). if you
  14. Let's be honest. Nobody with a portfolio under 20K images can make a decent living by selling photos through an web stock photo agency, these days. I keep on submitting my pictures to Alamy beause I'm glad that customers deem some of them them enough good to publish them on a magazine, a book or a website and pay a (rather) fair amount for it. It's pocket money, not really a solid income, for me. Therefore, I'm not, and I'll never be, available to sell my pictures for 10p. Neither on Alamy nor on microstock. Yet, Alamy pays (paid?) a bit better per picture than, say, SS, and I'm happy with
  15. "We currently don’t accept mobile/cell phone stock photography through FTP or Alamy upload but photos taken on a mobile/cell phone can be uploaded via our iPhone app Stockimo" I don't think that Stockimo has ever been intended to let people upload DSLR images to Alamy through a smartphone. You can use the normal submitting route on the Alamy's main site also using a smarphone and a mobile web browser. If you upload DSLR images to Alamy using Stockimo instead that the Alamy contributor page, there are only two possible reasons: either you want to bypass QC or you are keen to get a 2
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