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  1. Ouch. I was thinking my 6 for $161 was low, but 17 for $164, less than $5 net per sale, are near-to-microstock prices. Furthemore, I had a look at you port, and I think your pictures are really good, and deserve to be paid much more than this. I fear there's something wrong going on at Alamy...
  2. 6 sales this month, so far. The problem is the cleared balance, it has been stuck at $30 for more than a month now. Very few sales have been cleared since June. People buy my photos in quite acceptable numbers, but I don't get the money...;)
  3. These numbers are very similar to mine. And it's a bit worrying, IMHO. Let's do some math. $6.7 gross per image means $3,35 net. To take, develop, check, upload, and keyword properly an image require about 10 minutes in my case. So I can reasonably produce about 6 images per hour, which corresponds to about $20 before tax (and about $15 after tax) per hour of work (I am not considering travelling time and expenses and the equipment costs, though). That's barely acceptable, from a ROI point of view. If prices keep on falling and the total number of photos available on Alamy will grow much furt
  4. I give my 2 cents. As a (very small) web magazine publisher, I can say that for most publishers - apart form the big names that usual have special agreements with one or more photographic agencies - the procedure to find suitable editorial photos for an article is as follows: 1) Go to Flickr (usually, in the portfolio of some photographers you already know) and see if you can get the pictures for free. if you don't find anything useful, then: 2) Go to SS or AS and see if you can buy your photos for pennies. if you don't find anything useful, then: 3) Go to Alamy (or G.). if you
  5. Let's be honest. Nobody with a portfolio under 20K images can make a decent living by selling photos through an web stock photo agency, these days. I keep on submitting my pictures to Alamy beause I'm glad that customers deem some of them them enough good to publish them on a magazine, a book or a website and pay a (rather) fair amount for it. It's pocket money, not really a solid income, for me. Therefore, I'm not, and I'll never be, available to sell my pictures for 10p. Neither on Alamy nor on microstock. Yet, Alamy pays (paid?) a bit better per picture than, say, SS, and I'm happy with
  6. "We currently don’t accept mobile/cell phone stock photography through FTP or Alamy upload but photos taken on a mobile/cell phone can be uploaded via our iPhone app Stockimo" I don't think that Stockimo has ever been intended to let people upload DSLR images to Alamy through a smartphone. You can use the normal submitting route on the Alamy's main site also using a smarphone and a mobile web browser. If you upload DSLR images to Alamy using Stockimo instead that the Alamy contributor page, there are only two possible reasons: either you want to bypass QC or you are keen to get a 2
  7. Maybe because Alamy allow contributors to (legitimately) circumvent image quality guidelines and camera requirements by using Stockimo as a backdoor?
  8. So all these: "Guidelines for submitting images to Alamy .... There’s a cut-off point where the image quality a camera can produce falls below our requirements. If you see the failure reason “unsuitable camera” it’s likely that the camera used will never be able to produce good enough quality to pass our QC checks. An unsuitable camera is something that doesn’t compare to a standard DSLR It could be unsuitable for multiple reasons, with the most important being sensor size Most DSLR’s have sensors big enough to create an image of suitable quality .... Alamy recommend u
  9. Mobile phone images on Alamy? No, no, no! I don't give a damn about supposedly good pictures (good, in what sense?) taken with a mobile phone; of course you can take artistic pictures with an iPhone, I remember Andy Warhol taking photographs with a Polaroid SX-70 in the 1980s worthing tens of thousands of pounds today. That's not the point. The point is that many here have recently complained about Alamy going too "microstock", and suggesting it would focus more on technical quality and professional contributors as a possible cure for falling prices. In order to do that, Alamy should draw
  10. Be positive. After a week with serious fever and cough and no way to make her drink and eat enough, my 93-year-old mum is no longing having fever since yesterday morning. Thanks to my sister, a neurologist who came from Genoa to assist her and my barely useful help (I am an architect, though I'd been a voluntary paramedic in my youth), she is alive and well. She clearly got the COVID-19, all doctors agree with it, though there was no way to test her, since they can only test people who is serious respiratory distress and happily she had not been so (the NHS did about 5,000 tests in Lombardy o
  11. Teniamo duro Stefano, ci puoi scommettere! Back in topic, as I said, I had to cancel a travel to Amsterdam to do an extensive coverage of the city's architecture I have planned months ago. I don't want to take photos of the current situation here in my hometown, which is the very centre of the virus outbreak in Italy, first because I deem it unethical, second because it is dangerous. We have been all instructed to stay home, period. I go out just to buy food and medicines. Obviously, in my photo niches, which are travels, art and architecture, the current pandemy will have a big impact, de
  12. Young people ARE NOT COVID-19 proof, there is an 18-year-old boy in intensive care treatment here in Cremona and many others in their 20s are in assisted ventilation for coronavirus-related life-threatening bilater pneumonia. Nobody is immune and everybody should be responsible and unselfish, particularly now; say this to your younger relatives and friends, please.
  13. Here in Cremona, Italy, we have all been put in quarantine together with 16 million other people in Northern Italy, we can't exit from our area, but we can still go to work and all shops are open. Yet, schools are closed, together with museums, gyms, theaters, and so on. What is suprising is how quick this infection spreads, despite the many precautions we are all taking; there are 294 cases today in the city (with a population of 70,000), they were 122 two days ago. My 93-year-old mother is currenly at home since Sunday with couch and fever; happily I and my sister, who is a physician, can as
  14. Yes "al fresco" is Italian slang (a bit old-fashioned) for "in prison"; yet, you can also use it as in English to say "in the open air", especially in Summer; "andiamo a mangiare al fresco" means "let's go eat in the open air"(usually under a porch or a pergola). Back in topic, I usually don't care much about getting the green label. Yet, sometimes it remembers me that I could/should add some more keywords, especially synomyms, AE/BE spelling variants, and the like.
  15. About the virus, I am, unfortunately, writing from the front. The city I live in - Cremona, Northern Italy - is in the so-called "yellow zone", namely that bordering the towns that are currently quarantined, and we have over 200 people seriously infected on treatment in our hospital's ICU. Schools, sports arenas, exhibition centres, museums, cinemas and theaters are all closed indefinitely. Even if I don't personally know anyone who has been infected and I have no symptoms, I had to cancel a prepaid three-day photo travel to Amsterdam this week, because I didn't know if and when, once there, I
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