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Has Alamy changed its search algorithm again to the detriment of all?


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Dear colleagues at Alamy


Please see my string I have initiated in the Alamy forum with a very similar name, found here:




How can images without the search term in supertags appear far higher than those with the search term in supertags? (both cases have the search term in the caption.


makes no sense for anyone


Kumar (the Doc one)



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No sales for me this month after 31 in December, and zooms down to about half what they were last year. For the first time since I started looking, I can find no Alamy images in The Times today.


I was putting all of this down to the normal variation that occurs between months, and the slack period after the holidays, and maybe that is the case, but could there be an issue with the search engine?


Edit - $90 sale popped in this morning, all is not lost!

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