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Happy New Year Everyone.


Could someone please ID the two images below, the first one of a green snake was taken at the back of the visitor centre in Bako Malaysia it was wrapped around an air-con unit.


The second one was take on a nature reserve in Herefordshire uk, not sure if it is a Bolate of some kind.




Green snake coiled around air-conditioning unit Bako National Park visitor centre Sarawak Borneo - Stock Image




Woodland Fungus - Stock Image



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Out of interest I looked your sample photo up in my book on Fungi.


The fungus looks like it could be "Boletus Erythropus" looking at the pictures in my book. Grows in both deciduous and coniferous woodlands. Cap is hemispherical at first later expanding and flattening with a diameter from 5 to 15cm.


Incidentally the spelling is "Boletes".





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