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Do exclusive really sell better?

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I currently upload to Alamy, and large part of images elsewhere too. But started to think whether I should stick to Alamy exclusively. Hence my question - did you notice better/more sales on exclusive images that non-exclusive?



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Real exclusivity seems to have vanished with the update that came with the new AIM. Before that RM could be really exclusive to Alamy.


Now you can tick the box "Only available on Alamy" - which will be a must if you want Alamy to pursue an infringement. That tick can be changed if you later decide otherwise. I tick that box for most images for the time being.


If a customer wants one of your images exclusively, Alamy will contact you.



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My Alamy images have been exclusive for about a year now, that is I always click the box Niels referred to. Although my sales have doubled every year for the past three, I do not see that being because of exclusivity. More sales have to do with better subjects, good PP, thoughtful tagging, and regular submissions. You didn't ask, but allow me to says that you have too many similars. You need to edit tighter. 


Good luck, Edo

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