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New net revenue and sales pages

Phil Robinson

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I like the new look of the sales-related pages BUT there is one infuriating and very unwelcome change.

Previously hitting 'refresh' did just that: if you had selected only today's sales, that's what was updated.

Now it is reset back to last month and you have to change all the dates again to get an update.

This is annoying on a PC but on my cheap, unresponsive phone it is a real pain.

PLEASE give us a 'refresh' option that does just that.


If hitting 'GO' has that effect, then great, but it doesn't seem to do anything and until I get another sale, I won't know.

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would rather 'date of invoice' be the default than 'date paid'


The default dates to be from the start of the current month to current date.


Maybe a running total for sales too.



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20 hours ago, Ambrosiniv said:

Do sales report more than once a day? I had the impression that it was once a day only, much like the zooms/Alamy measures.


As soon as a sale has been confirmed by Alamy then Net Revenue is updated. So you will find yourself looking lots of times a day, even if you don't sell many, just in case  a sale has happened!



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