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Just bought an Arca-style quick release plate for my X-T2. Bought it direct from the US manufacturers thinking such a small item would surely be duty free. However HMRC and Royal Mail between them added £15.44 to the bill. The whole process took about a fortnight, total saving on the same item bought here amounted to £2.



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I import camera and lighting gear to Nicaragua.  It gets very interesting at times.  DHeL sent my Matthews stand to Granada (other side of the Nicraguan capital from me) rather than where I live after I deposited their $43 US plus some figure for taxes and duties (total $63 something, almost what the stand costs, not counting postage).  Today, I was in a two way dialogue with B&H (on Skype) and a DHL local rep. (on my phone) over this.  Last DHL shipment did a detour through Nigeria but finally arrived okay after that and a delay in Miami for a hurricane.  FedEx also charges a brokerage fee, but does deliver to my door in Jinotega.  


If I can buy anything in Nicaragua, I do, but it's rare that I can.  


I think my box went to Granada because the cliche here is that all expats who aren't fluent in Spanish live in either Granada or San Juan del Sur.  

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