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Red Arrows


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There was a discussion some time ago about using the up and down votes (aka green and red arrows). 

Also there is now a like button, that I believe has almost the same functionality as the green (up vote) arrow. 

I am a bit  confused by having two buttons, which difference I currently cannot tell. 


Could we have only the "Like" button and get rid of the up/down voted arrows? 

I understand that the red button gives Alamy means to "weed out" posts, which may not be in line with policy.  

For that purpose could there be a "Report this post" link, allowing fellow members to report such posts / threads to Admin? 


Having only two buttons, aka "Like" and "Report this post" would make it more clear (to me) how to use these. 

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I spoke to James about the red arrows at the PhotoPlus Expo when I had the pleasure of meeting him. I don't like the red arrows. I see them as just plain rude and a destructive force in the forum. (As an example, we don't have Philippe anymore, alas.) James feels that the red arrows have helped to make this forum much friendlier than the previous, very contentious, one. I have to admit I hardly dared set foot in that forum but there surely is a way for us to behave ourselves without enabling people to just sort of make a rude noise. I always wish that people could somehow take them in stride but they do cause bad feelings.



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I haven't had a lot of red arrows, but when I do, I just basically ignore them.  It simply means that someone is too cowardly to disagree with you, so they hit the red arrow. 


I know some posters have been deluged with them when they go on an attack for some reason, and that is probably the reason James likes them.  It can bring to their attention someone who is obviously being disruptive.





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