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Going further with Alamy and stop sending to Microstock

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Hello everyone,


I have now like 4000 images online at microstock agencies and i just started to send to Alamy. I allready checked out what photographers can earn here and also looking at the fact how many Alamy images you can find in magazines shows that this is a very good platform. Also when looking at my type of images i suit better here.


My thinking now is to keep my 4000 images at the microstock sites but stop sending to them and only submit to Alamy as RM. This for few reasons.


1. My images suit better with alamy since i am starting to shoot more street photography.

2. Microstock is going the direction that i am selling images now for 0,33 cent or even worse 0,21 cent. This is almost like giving the images away.

3. More time for photography. This means that i was spending a lot of time with submitting to multiple agencies. Now i want to use the time to photograph more. Images will be not anymore splitted but i will have more images to submit. This gives me more freedom to do that what i love most. Taking images.


Sombody also stept over from microstock to Alamy?



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Hi Marco - nice pix. You already have a reasonably sized collection with Alamy. Is this performing better than your microstock agencies? If so why not transfer your 4,000 images over if they are suitable. Alamy does not require exclusivity but it would make sense to delete the transferred pix as a savvy buyer will search for a cheaper source after selection. Alamy suits my sort of pix but we all have a different audience and what is right for one may not be right for another. Good luck anyway.



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Hi dov makabaw,


Thank you.


It is not performing better on Alamy because of the difference of image amount. But like i said it is a choice also because of time use.


Do you have your pics also only on Alamy?


By the way.... you have great portfolio :) Keep on going!

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