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Found 5 results

  1. 50 MB 5125 x 3417 pixels Image Size: Any size Start: 11 December 2019 Duration: In perpetuity Licensed for $0.99 gross. Thanks, Alamy 🙄 "Usage: Student Projects, For non-commercial use in projects such as dissertations, presentations or essays." ...which coincidentally (or not!) is exactly the type of license once described as Novel Use which I have always opted out of! So opt-out or not, Alamy will still sell your full size images for pennies anyway? Don't have a problem with the specific use per-se, but I do have a problem with Alamy once again giving away full res images very nearly for free! Just the same as "Personal" and "Presentation" uses, these ultra low-cost licenses should be SIZE LIMITED and contributors should be able to CHOOSE whether or not to have their images included!
  2. I just had eight images sell on Alamy for a pithy $1.25 each for use as web editorial. I am beyond pi$$ed.
  3. Hi, Same old question but maybe asked a but differently, or more specific. I am not interested in molar aspects, someones opinions etc, just pure facts. Is there anyone who has the same port here and on a Tier 1 agency? How does the income compares in terms of ratio? Thanks
  4. Hello everyone. I have a question in my mind and i can't find certain answer yet. At the same time if i use both other microstock sites and Alamy, how does effect my sales on Alamy? Because they all have different prices. Any advice, thought would be great. Thank you.
  5. Hi all, I'm new here and so far have received a warm welcome - thanks. So my background is as a travel photographer and first ventured into Microstock around 2012. I found Alamy relatively late on (nearly 2 years ago) and been submitting regularly since (2,700 portfolio). I've heeded much of the advice that Alamy is predominately editorial-based so I've avoided uploading much of of usual Microstock stuff on Alamy, focusing instead of editorials (Live News + 50% RF / 50% RM). So far I've sold 13 images on Alamy with 2/3 pending for just short of $400. I find this quite low. So looking for some advice on how to improve. I'm careful with captions and keywords and doing a general audit now to improve discover ability minus the spamming. So i'm all ears. In particular it boggles my mind that one such editorial image of a young refugee girl holding up an SOS sign has netted me $1k but has never been licensed at Alamy. For me it's quite obvious because it's much cheaper for buyers to look for similar images on Micros, but the same does not hold true for new stuff which just sits there month after month after month on Alamy. I see zooms but I don't see buyers. I've got to a point where I've hesitantly started moving some of my editorial portfolio, which is a pity since Micros is on a downward spiral when it comes to earnings and at least there's hope with Alamy and some other Midstock agencies. Alex
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