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Strange Appearance

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Hi all 

I have just started processing a few images and have come across a fault on one of them, nothing is showing in LR but when I export to file and finish in PSE this strange colored box appears.

any ideas as to what has caused this please.


https://www.dropbox.com/s/x64uohfjtdsv6g0/Screenshot 2017-10-23 14.36.32 - Copy.png?dl=0










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It may just be a transmission error when importing the file from your camera. You could go back step by step in order not to do to much extra work. But I would be curious and check the file in largest enlargement on the camera screen first.

Edited by Niels Quist
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It looks like the sort of file corruption I've seen very occasionally with TIFF files. Odd that it doesn't show up in LR but you have been a bit economical with information. Is the original a raw file? What file type are you exporting to - you have just uploaded a screenshot not the file itself?

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Thank you both for your replies the files are dng exporting to jpg.

I have just been going back through the image as Niels suggested and LR has decided to come up with the message "it appears that the image is damaged" how I do not know.


Once again many thanks  

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