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New to Alamy

Patrick Cooper

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Hello, I'm a freelance photographer based in South Australia. A few days ago, I signed up to Alamy. And last night, I received an e-mail, stating that my first three photos had been accepted. Looking forward to submitting some more photos and hopefully maybe even getting some sales. 

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Good to have you! I know you must be excited to be here, I know I was back when I joined.

My best advice to you is this.

When you shoot, imagine how a buyer might use the image to illustrate something. Wildlife in a textbook? Families doing things together?

Places that would be vacation spots? And many more.

Then take a landscape orientation, a portrait.  Don’t upload a lot of similars of the same subject with only minute differences. A close up and distant works with some. Make each image unique.

Be good with captions. Arty captions aren’t good.  Say what is in the image and give location in the caption. Then repeat those important words in the tags. Use plurals. Man,men,woman,women,dog,dogs.

incorporate some phrases....”Hispanic man riding bike “

Dont add extra tags to get the green bar, just add what’s in the image. But if there is a distant oak tree in the background, don’t tag “oak tree”. A buyer looking for an image of an oak tree will be looking for it as the main subject.

Good luck!

I wish someone had told me about captions and tags back when, I wouldn’t have a backlog of images to fix now.:D


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Thankyou Phomme and Betty. That's a great list of tips, Betty and I have been implementing the majority of those in the microstock sites that I have been contributing to for the last two years. Alamy do seem to be very keen on phrases (with regards to keywords) so that's something I'll be focusing more on over here.

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