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Is it possible to make a living out of stock photography any more?

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7 hours ago, JeffGreenberg said:

My main other income is as a film extra.


Those in movies, if willing, post link to your scene(s), if on Youtube or elsewhere...?!


I have two roles in the Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper movie 'A Star Is Born'. Release date is May 18, 2018.



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Can't talk about it due to signed paperwork.
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On 11/1/2017 at 09:30, funkyworm said:

One of the conclusions I take off this thread is that there are very few of us earning the majority of our income from stock.


And those who are have additional income supplements. And why not? We are entrepreneurs so if additional income opportunites present themselves... grab them. It is a bit of a phyrric victory to be the last person standing... but destitute.


I'd be interested to hear how others supplement their stock income (if they are willing to share.) My main other income is as a film extra. Plus I earn a few bob criticising companies products in market research (I dont consume much - so not so much of these.) Plus a small amount from my shares, both in companies and in a few solar parks and green projects around the country. 

Like others here, I'm a photographer, so stock is a modest supplement to my full time work (editorial, to commission)



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On 10/31/2017 at 12:46, Alex Ramsay said:

If you know where to get a Sony RX100 for $100, please let me know!




The first model could be found used for that price in my country, Italy.

btw, it's not a price consideration, if it's 200$ i think the same things i said

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I make a bit more than half of what I need for living in London with stock footage.
I have started a YouTube channel of tutorials for Lightroom, Photoshop, time lapses, drones, Premiere Pro and After Effects, as some of you might have noticed , and I am extremely busy with it. Great fun.
I have tonnes of photos from my time lapses and videos, but I hardly even bother uploading them. I do it only when it rains for three months in a row and there is really nothing else to do

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