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  1. Image Identification: Four Evangelists?

    Those were my thoughts exactly, which was why I've asked the question. To throw yet another variable into the mix, my wife is convinced that the creature top left is a ram / lamb - again another very strong Christian connection with that symbol. Ram was my first thought too, but I now think that Lion is more likely. Alan, I think that may be the most likely explanation. Especially as historically there have been some variances in the sequence in the past, although I have not found this sequence listed anywhere. Thanks all for you input - all I need to do now is work out what keywords to add and how best to describe it in the caption! ;-) Ian.
  2. Image Identification: Four Evangelists?

    Hi Alan, That's what I thought initially, but the angel is never associated with Luke, almost always Matthew, and in very rare occasions Mark.
  3. While I was in Alta in Norway last week, I photographed this representation on the wall of the cathedral. At the time I thought it was the standard symbols of the four evangelists (Matthew, Mark, Luke & John), but it is only now I am back in the UK I have realised it isn't as simple as that. The four symbols are normally: Matthew: An Angel; Mark: A (winged) lion; Luke: a (winged) bull and John: an Eagle. I am trying to caption/keyword this for alamy submission. Anyone any idea what these symbols are (particularly the one for Luke) and how they relate to the four evangelists? They look like a lamb, a bull, a clam and a pigeon!
  4. Keywording in Lightroom - anyone else frustrated?

    Hi Marianne, Thanks for forwarding the link to your Adobe Contact. I've retweeted your tweet, and also tweeted about the blog post again. @ianbutty is my twitter id, if anyone wants to find it and retweet. The whole Classic vs CC thing is a complete mess - and not just about keywords. I really want to stick with LR but I find myself, now reading up about alternatives - just in case the worst happens and Classic get no or minimal development in the future.
  5. Keywording in Lightroom - anyone else frustrated?

    If you know any way to get that list on Adboe's "to do list" then please do it. I've been trying for ten years and had no success - thus my campaign to get people sharing this open letter on twitter and other social media platforms. Let's make some noise out there!!
  6. Keywording in Lightroom - anyone else frustrated?

    Metadata preset always add keywords - you can't use remove keywords with them - which is inconsistent with all the other IPTC fields you can set in a preset.
  7. Keywording in Lightroom - anyone else frustrated?

    Thank you Michael. Re combining keywords, At the moment if you end up with two duplicate keywords, the only way to combine them is as follows: a. Filter on the keyword name, b. Click the little arrow to the right of one of the keywords to show all the images assigned to it c. Ctr-A to select all the images d. Assign them to the other keyword e. Delete the old/duplicate keyword It would be much nicer to just drag one on to the other - or select one and right click on the other and have an option saying "combine" As for keyword sets, these are the quick pick lists of keywords For example I have one that lists weather conditions - mine has "blue sky", sunny, rain, snow, windy, overcast, rainbow, frost, ice - but I'd like to have clouds, and stormy on that picklist but can't because it is limited to 9. They could be a quick way of assigning your most used keywords but 9 is a silly limit to have.
  8. Is anyone else frustrated with the lack of development in Lightroom when it comes to keywording? LR has been out for ten years and there has been next to no development in the area of keywording in that time. I have written an open letter to Adobe outlining just ten things that would make a huge difference to us as professional or stock photographers - you can read it here: https://www.ians-studio.co.uk/2017/10/an-open-letter-to-adobe-lightroom-keywording-ten-years-of-neglect/ I'd love to get this open letter in front of the powers that be at Adobe - if you agree why not tweet or share in social media tagging adobe and lightroom. Thanks Ian.
  9. @Aylish As the OP of this thread I am really interested in understanding your thinking behind this. It is never something I have considered doing myself. As you know I started this thread because I am updating the training notes I have on stock photography. I've been selling stock for 14 years and still wouldn't call my expert at it. I'm always keen to learn new techniques and to pass on to others what I have learned. It would be really helpful for me (and others) to understand this strategy if you can give some data on how the strategy works. As a trainer, I need facts so that I can explain it in the training I give to would-be stock photographers. 1. How have you got photo buyers following you on twitter? 2. Is there a minimum number of buyers following you needed to create the critical mass for this to work? If so how many? 3. I'm a bit of newbie on pinterest, but again how are you attracting photo buyers (as opposed to other photographers etc) to look at your pins? 4. Do you have any empirical evidence that the strategy improves sales (either from your own experience or documented evidence from other sources)? 5. How are you selecting which images to promote in this way? 6. Even if you haven't seen an increase in sales, have you seen any increase in views & zooms in Alamy measures through using this sort of strategy. If so, how much did your CTR improve? Thank you for you contribution and I look forward to learning more about this strategy, Ian.
  10. In the green

    I can't vote yet. I have 20% in the green. The vote options say "between 10% and 20%" and "between 20% and 30%" - my score falls between the cracks! (pretty much like my sales since AIM went live and the search engine was updated). I am using Jim Kier's "Lightroom Alamy Bridge" plug-in and at present letting it work what words are going to be super tags and tags. I already have a pretty exhaustive hierarchical keyword taxonomy in Lightroom which includes synonyms. It is something I have developed over 10 years of keywording images in various DAMs (Digital Asset Management programs). Jim Kier's algorithms along with my keyword hierarchy do a reasonable job of getting the right words in the supertags. However it is not perfect by any means, but I look at it as a trade off accuracy vs time. The other week I managed to update over 1000 of my 7000 images in just one afternoon. I better to have 1000 images that are mostly tagged accurately, than 100 images that perfectly tagged and 900 that are poorly tagged. (The remaining 6000 images are proving more of a problem - They date from a time when I stored both PSD and DNG versions of images in my Lightroom catalog and the software complains about duplicate references). Some of them went green most didn't. I am trying not to worry about the fact that most of my images aren't green and will probably never be green. Once I have sorted the remaining 6000 images, I'll look at improving the accuracy further. But until Alamy Measures broke a few days ago, the semi automated changes to my 1000 images were showing a significant improvement on views and zooms.... but alas no improvement on sales yet.
  11. Glad I found this thread. I was starting to panic. As of the end of last month I started the process of updating my keywords, captions and image data. So I have been carefully monitoring the effect it had on views and zooms (looking at the views/zooms recorded under 'This Month') and for the first 10 days to 2 weeks it all looked as though it was having the desired effect. Then it all appeared to go pear-shaped. I was beginning to think the updates I had been doing weren't making any difference after all. And that the improvements I was seeing in measures early in the month was just a blip. I hope they can fix this soon and without loss of data. A 'hole' in the data won't help the analysis of my changes.
  12. Photographers never retire... they just loose focus! (Sorry... I'll get me coat)
  13. Categories and contributors options.

    I'm in the process of assigning categories to all my images, I too would be interest to hear from Alamy about this.
  14. Ability to replace one image with another via AIM

    Matt, You have just reminded me of something from the old days when I first started with Alamy. I *think* back in 2004/5 when I need to replace an image the advice was as follows: 1. Upload the replacement image. Once it is through QC, note the ID (lets call it NEWID) 2. View the image to be replaced note down its ID (let's call this OLDID) and make a note of keywords, captions and other metadata 3. Caption and keyword the new image include the ID of the old image, OLDID, as one of the keywords and set the metadata as per the old image. 4. Wait for the database to be updated (overnight) so that new image is now visible to buyers. 5. Edit the old image and remove all keywords (tags), Set the the caption to be: "This image has been replaced with NEWID" 6. Mark the old image for deletion. A couple of things to note about the process. Step 3 - Important to add the old ID as a tag to the new image so that anyone searching with the alamy ID for the image gets the new image coming up on the search results Step 5 - Removing all keywords from the old image will ensure that the new image not the old image turns up in searches. Step 5 - Setting the caption to a message to send buyers to the new image makes anyone who has the old image in a lightbox aware of the replacement. Step 6 - Marking for deletion has to be the last step as (at the time) it wasn't possible edit captions and keywords after an image is marked for deletion. I think this process will still work today, but I'll give it a go and report back. Ian.
  15. Ability to replace one image with another via AIM

    I started in 2003 and I am in the process of revisiting my images from the first few years and in many cases I'm sitting here with head in hands going. Why on earth did I process them like THAT! I'd like to replace a couple of hundred of mine, but I am sure that Alamy would not be happy with me sending them a list of replacements that long. Perhaps if they could give us an indication of how many they would be willing to do, and how frequently. (Eg. 2 images at time once a week, or 50 images in on go every 6 months) then we we can concentrate on replacing the ones that are in most need of it. Ian.