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  1. London, life on the fast lane - Drone footage and 4k time lapses with Nikon D850https://youtu.be/6yX8tWxTu9Q
  2. Christmas in London: a short movie with time lapses and 4k footage shot with Nikon D850https://youtu.be/5kMU0F_Tr8U
  3. My short movie of 4k timelapses and drone footage made during 4 days in lovely Cambridge (England)https://youtu.be/vVxdA439h9g
  4. Timelapses and hyperlapses with music, in London. Shot with Nikon D850https://youtu.be/4NYH3aClXMs
  5. Hyperlapses post processing with After Effects: Vertigo effecthttps://youtu.be/SYuKNjtOU74
  6. How to post process hyperlapses with After Effectshttps://youtu.be/pJ7Z7srtc0k
  7. How to remove logos or other objects in timelapses and video with After Effectshttps://youtu.be/TQRPGMCxJew
  8. Introduction to Hyperlapses: how to get them right on camerahttps://youtu.be/BCdysmyYQ88
  9. Photoshop, all you need to know about the Pen Toolhttps://youtu.be/UcEAizuisbM
  10. Timelapses and drone footage,Above and around LondonCrank up the volume!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAPo2RA89LQ
  11. Time lapses: How to freeze motion on a part of the scene (cinemagraph)https://youtu.be/4BBzylez3d4
  12. A review of the Nikon D850 focused on time lapses and hyper lapseshttps://youtu.be/o1Sswa8ds7g
  13. I agree, it is a bit strange, also the fact that in Efex the window can be resized to match the screen, while it is not possible in the other plug ins. DXO have stated that they will be upgrading the collection. Maybe they have started from Efex?
  14. Nik Collection Efex Pro tutorial: presets and filters paradisehttps://youtu.be/8pQeI3jK1zs
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