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  1. Thank you Sally, it would have been great to have a meet up. I had no luck with the weather: I was in the middle of a huge heatwave, it was cloudy, muggy with very bad light. Not the usual beautiful blue sky and white clouds
  2. North Iceland in August. Drone footage, 4k timelapses and video with Nikon D850https://youtu.be/Y9mle9YMvNU
  3. 4K timelapses and video with Nikon D850 during 4 days in Vienna (Austria) in July https://youtu.be/m3aQAAHS2G8
  4. Thank you Steve! The rules are the sames throughout the UK, as they are controlled by the Civil Aviation Authority
  5. Drone footage and timelapses with Nikon D850 shot in July.My tribute to a place I love
  6. The new Texture slider: finally a fantastic tool to add detail in Lightroomhttps://youtu.be/gD8cecujGho
  7. Malta, focused on the capital Valletta. Time lapses, drone footage and 4k videohttps://youtu.be/3UlbM1XcqcY
  8. London, life on the fast lane - Drone footage and 4k time lapses with Nikon D850https://youtu.be/6yX8tWxTu9Q
  9. Christmas in London: a short movie with time lapses and 4k footage shot with Nikon D850https://youtu.be/5kMU0F_Tr8U
  10. My short movie of 4k timelapses and drone footage made during 4 days in lovely Cambridge (England)https://youtu.be/vVxdA439h9g
  11. Timelapses and hyperlapses with music, in London. Shot with Nikon D850https://youtu.be/4NYH3aClXMs
  12. Hyperlapses post processing with After Effects: Vertigo effecthttps://youtu.be/SYuKNjtOU74
  13. How to post process hyperlapses with After Effectshttps://youtu.be/pJ7Z7srtc0k
  14. How to remove logos or other objects in timelapses and video with After Effectshttps://youtu.be/TQRPGMCxJew
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