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  1. Spacecadet, look, again you miss the whole point here ; Retail or wholesale it doesn't matter. I have run my own multi million pound businesses over the last 30 years. Very very very few businesses offers 3 months payment credit terms period. 30 to 60 days is the norm in my 30 years of running my own businesses. It is recipe for bankruptcy .
  2. Just to re-iterate the purpose of my post. What I want to see happen is that image buyers report sales on a more timely basis than is currently the accepted practice. In todays age of disruptive technology, there is no excuse in reporting the sale of an image later than 1 months time imho. It is absurd that an individual or company wait 3 months for a sale to be reported, and then get paid at a further later date, what sort of a business model is that ??. . Can you pay your mortgage 3 months late, can you pay your creditors and bills after 3 months, of course you can't!! I'll tell you , its win win for the buyers and lose lose for the contributor and agency. My whole point is that I am not interested in how the industry has previously worked in the past , lets get real, its old fashioned, its not equitable, and above all its not morally right.
  3. The reply from Alamy; Hi AdrianThanks for your email.We’ve looked and we do have a relevant download for this usage but some of our editorial customers report usages to us over a period of time. If you don’t see the sale appear in your account within 3 months of the usage date then please let us know so we can chase this up for you.Kind regards,EllieAlamy Contributor Relations My reaction: 3 months are you kidding me, who waits to get for their work after 3 months , personally I think its insulting and quite frankly taking the P***
  4. Hello , RE Image ......I noticed that an image of mine was published in the London Metro newspaper on January 7th 2020. Todays date is February 17th 2020.I am frustrated that this sale has not been reported at least on the contributor portal almost 6 weeks after publication. This is a totally unacceptable length of time, irrespective of any deal that you may have for regular bulk image buyers.I have purposely not contacted you before today in the vein hope that this sale would / should have been reported by now.I don’t think its fair, reasonable or even transparent that had I not noticed my image in the paper that I and Alamy would be denied the pitiful sale commission due.What measures are in place to protect contributors from unreported sales , what are the guidelines, how long are your reporting sale guidelines? These are questions that should be transparent and understood by your loyal contributors and published for all to see.I will copy and paste this post on the contributors forum for all to see.Thank you for your kind attention.Adrian Seal
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