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Mauritius holiday – stock photo opportunities

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I am going to Mauritius towards the end of the year to visit my Mother-in-law.  We are staying at a tourist hotel -  at Domaine de Bel Ombre.  It has a nature reserve nearby (although limited wildlife) and is on the beach.  I am taking my full photography kit, (except studio strobes!).  Has anyone advice on stock photography in such a location?  I have visited Mauritius many times and am aware of the stunning scenery – particularly beaches but want to take pictures that stand a chance of being sold.  I am not much of a landscape photographer but plan to work on my technique before I go.  I am a Nikon shooter with a D5 and a couple of D750’s.  As my wife is Mauritian I will take the opportunity to do some Mauritian lifestyle shots as well.

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Mauritian lifestyle, generic tropical lifestyle, Mauritian family life, biggest hotels on Mauritius and other stuff that may be used on a travel brochure, Cruise ships arriving at Mauritius, historic Mauritius forts etc

Check out the Mauritius beach shots available on Alamy and see if it is worth adding any more.

I once house sat on Nevis resulting in 63 images on Alamy. I took generic tropical images but the specific historic stuff has sold the best, and had the longest life.

Historic Nevis images like this

A9W195.jpg     ACR755.jpg

Nevis beaches not so well


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30,786 images of Mauritius already on Alamy.

400 searches for the rolling year on AoA. 80 of which with less than 100 views.

900 searches for tropical.

Google Images shows that the quality of the images that are being used is high.

Note the difference between those and the supply side on Alamy. Maybe have a peek over at some of it's competitors.

- Would you say Mauritius is primarily a budget or a luxury destination? Images will have to reflect that.

For editorial imagery, try Mauritius as a search term in Google News. (It seems to be in the news almost daily.)



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Thanks for your responses.  Mauritius is something of a luxury destination.  However, we are visiting my wife’s family at Christmas.  I will check out Google images, thanks for the advice.


I intend  to fully enjoy the holiday...  However, Mauritius has some stunning scenery and is a loverly holiday destination so it would be amiss of me not to get the cameras out.  Thanks again for the advice.

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