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James Hodgson

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Hi. I set up my alamy account ages ago but I've now finally decided to start uploading regularly. So far I have done a kind of test upload with live news at Bristol balloon fiesta just to get to know how it all works. I know everyone has asked this and I'm sure it's becoming a little tedious for the regulars on here. But 'dare I say it', any advice on keywords from those first pictures I have uploaded would be great. Picture feedback is also appreciated but before anyone says it, these where straight out of camera as it was the early hours of the morning when I uploaded so I already know there is an element of post processing missing from these.



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Hi. Yes thanks for that. Silly mistake with which ones I had selected I think. The world tag was related to "world balloon fiesta" as an alternative to international. Maybe I should have that as a three word tag (as one)? Any thoughts?

Thanks for all this by the way, it's really helpful.

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