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Hello from Dallas, TX


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Welcome from neighboring Oklahoma City. Nice images.

Your raccoon images made me angry, lol. I lost a brand new expensive bird feeder to a raccoon within 2 days of putting it up.

I hung another feeder under the patio cover thinking it was inaccessible, but the critter destroyed that one, too. I got a trap from the city and caught it, then turned it over to the city to be released in the country.

I'm normally a wildlife fan, but really!


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Hi Betty:


This raccoon, has it made, she eats my seed, good quality shelled sunflower seeds, but I'm ok with it. She has babies nearby and needs to feed them.

I live up against a protected area and have lots of coyotes and bobcats that frequent the area, so I know it's probably a matter of time, before the 'circle of life' catches up to her. She hangs on my metal pole and bends it and every morning, I bend it back, haha.

Thank you for the kind compliments, I have a lot more photos to upload of a wide array of things, just need free time.

You have wonderful photos as well.




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Hello David,


Welcome and congratulations on passing your submission test. Your portfolio is interesting! I've joined fairly recently too so probably not a wealth of information available from me.



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