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Photography in Mexican Museums without registering as a professional photographer

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I took down photos that I'd taken in Mexican museums.  Most had people observing art work or being in juxtaposition with it (one contemporary Mexican had the same profile as the archaic paintings).  I emailed for how permissions work and was quoted something like a $600 fee (if in Mexican pesos, that would be a little under $40 US, so do-able if that, not if in US dollars, but the reply was in Spanish).  


I may see if I can get retroactive permission for the photos, but think the better course might be to do it the right way from the beginning, and simply not take photos to offer on Alamy if the price is ridiculous.  


Am I being too scrupulous?    One of my pictures was showing up on the first page in searches for the National Museum of Anthropology.  Has anyone else gotten a permit to shoot there or at the other museums in Mexico City as a professional photographer?  

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I can't speak for Mexico  but I'm certainly not that scrupulous here. We photographers have a problem with a certain heritage charity which occasionally bullies Alamy into removing images but it's manageable. I certainly haven't taken down images myself.

Depends what the legal consequences might be. My policy would be not to ask about photography if I suspect the answer might be no, then carry on until asked to stop, then to stop if the request is lawful.

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I'm going to leave them pending deletion and stick to things I can photograph with less hassles.  The photos are now up on my Flickr account (I'm not putting things in my portfolio here and on Flickr for anything new).  Probably, the next time I'm in Mexico, I'll see about getting sorted out for taking photos in the Frida Kahlo museum (they do currently allow personal photography) and the National Museum of Anthropology.

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