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Cant update captions

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I have been a member of Alamy since it was launched but I have been less and less active shooting stock - with appropriately falling sales.

However having come back into Alamy to update captions etc I can't seem to navigate the new design (it might not be that new anymore). 

On my dashboard I have ...


Images on sale with good or optimized discoverability.
1,115 Images on sale with poor discoverability.
0Images not on sale.

if I click on the 1,115 images link to try and go to those captions and figure out how I need to improve them to increase saleabilty etc it just goes to the upload page.

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to just get to the pages to edit existing image captions like you used to be able to ... any suggestions ? 
Until I can figure this out and update captions (not even sure whatever it is that needs to be improved to increase discoverabilty yet) I'm not going to be submitting more images. 

Any help / suggestions 
Cheers Rob 
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If you search for "discoverability" on the forum you will see that most of us think it is useless. It only tells you that you have put in a whole lot of keywords but doesn't tell you if they are appropriate to the image. I'm not saying it is worthless to revisit images but trying to reach discoverability may be counter-productive.



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Hi Rob, as has been said earlier the video's a good starting point. Forget the discoverability thing, just add in as many relevant keywords as you can, make the best 10 of those your supertags.
Beyond that, it's (to some extent) a numbers game - the more photos you have, the more you're likely to sell.
Great images are worth a lot here, but some of the most prolific sellers can be fairly mundane stuff too. There's over 100,000,000 piccies on Alamy now, and 50,000 photographers. Time to go through your stock stuff and get uploading ....:)


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