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Just been and checked my opt ins, and outs, under additional revenue options, following a doubtful personal license.

There is now the option to opt in or out of something called images options. Wasn't there a few weeks back when I opted out of the Press Scheme.

What is Image options?

We’ll offer customers variations of the images you provide to give them a greater choice, for example creating an additional black and white version of a coloured image could be an image option in the future.



Must have been in the initial contract, as it says I opted in, back in 2003.

Looks like customers will have the choice of an automatically desaturated image, in the future. 



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Yes, that's new isn't it! Personally, it's fine by me. I don't really care if the customer buys my image in colour, sepia, black and white or anything else if it sells and i get my share. It also says that Alamy will email to ask if this is OK before they give the customer the option so i see no reason not to be opted in.


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It can't be that new. When I click on the link, I'm told that I opted in to "Image Options" on 28 January 2003.

P.S. I joined Alamy in 2003 but didn't start submitting until 2007 (long story).

P.P.S. Just noticed that York Photographer mentioned the same thing. Sorry.



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It's derived from the contributor contract, no doubt. I'm sure there's a clause about allowing alterations. It's effectively waiving your rights under s4 CDPA. In the UK, of course. AFAICS moral rights don't exist outside the EU.

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