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I just read the post on "How many more Customers Get This Treatment", and I've been in that boat as well.
I have a different issue now, which I'm hoping someone can give me some insight on.
Over the past week I've sent mails to ms@, sales@, and two or three direct email addresses, none of which have responded. Not even an automated message to confirm that my mail was received.


Here's my situation.
I did a reverse search a month or so ago. I found two of my images used on a website (+ affiliate websites, a total of 8 or 9 in different countries) that sells prints and canvases. The images weren't credited, but the profile, believe it or not, was made in my full name, which is not the name I'm on Alamy with.

One of the images was cropped from the bottom, into the subject of the picture (the picture is complete on Alamy).
I contacted the website, and my mail bounced. I contacted a few days later another email stated on the website, and got no response, but a day later "my" profile was gone, and the two pictures unavailable.
I contacted my lawyer, and he was responded with "We've licensed the images from Alamy. We have a general print-on-demand license agreement with Alamy. The agreement is not for specific images." My lawyer has asked to see the EULA, but they haven't produced it (yet).


One of the images has never been sold on Alamy, the other image was sold on March 27 as an iQ one time use only sale for $4,06.
The Wayback machine showed that the image was on the website well before March 27.

Ironically, when my lawyer forwarded me the mails, I rechecked the website, and a new profile under my name had been created with three new images. Again, neither of which has been sold, ever, on Alamy.

I wanted Alamy to confirm to me that these images had been sold, but they have been non-responsive so far.

Now... My question: an iQ sale, stated one time use only, can this be used to sell prints and canvases by a third party?
I most certainly would not agree to these terms, and definitely not for $4,06.

Any input much appreciated.
And if there's anyone from Alamy around, feel free to chime in.

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The correct address is contributors@alamy.com. They are very responsive. Within hours in my case.


Sorry I can't help on other matters.



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If I recall correctly Alamy has, in the past, had a special agreement with some "Wall Art" suppliers. They are provided with un-watermarked downloads to advertise on their website. If they make a sale, they are trusted to inform Alamy of the sale, who will then invoice them.


I had this happen with a company who were showcasing some of my images as being available for sale or rent. As these were images that were only available on Alamy and hadn't yet been licensed I pursued the matter with Alamy, who confirmed the above.


I've no idea whether such agreements still exist, especially as I believe Alamy now has a relationship with another POD service. The company who were showcasing my images has now disappeared - which is a good job as they were hosting images without watermark which could be downloaded at 100% size by right-clicking. Arrgghh!

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