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Problem with search engine


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Using a Nexus tablet running under Android and using Chrome, I am often seeing the message "Insufficient number of arguments" when I conduct a search.


For example I have just attempted a search for Tonbridge school, when the response was


Insufficient number of arguments


And in the address field above




If I leave the Alamy site and restart, the search works OK.


I have reported this in the past, and was asked to provide evidence. Not sure what else I can give.


Anyone else seen this?

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But you did search from the footage box. Not from the all images box.


The Insufficient number of arguments error message probably indicates that you or the tablet inserted a character like @,", _ or * into the search string. The database took that as the start of a command, but nothing followed.



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I used the standard image search facility that appears immediately you enter Alamy Wim.


While it is possible that I entered an illegal character - using the tablet incorrect typing is all too easy - I did repeat the exercise several times with the same result. It was only after I had restarted Alamy that the search worked properly.

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