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US Library of Congress: input solicited from photographers

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Have people seen the survey the US Library of Congress is conducting as part of community consultation on the next Register of Copyrights?


The Copyright Alliance appears to have some serious concerns about whether the new Register will be on the side of creators. Thus, they are encouraging creators such as photographers to take part in the (very quick) survey, and have provided a model response. This looks pretty important - and deadline is 31st, i.e. today (presumably east coast US time). Full explanation and links here:




Any thoughts about this? 


[apologies to those on the Facebook forum as I've posted there as well - but it looks as though the Copyright Alliance's thoughts deserve a wide audience.] 

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Thanks, I'll take the survey. By the way, has there been a change in the language such that a "registrar" is now called a "register"?

Thanks. I was wondering about the terminology, too. I just assumed it was US English.

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Live and learn. Growing up in the States, I was always led to think that a registrar (person) was the keeper of a register (thing).

Looks like it is, except for that one confusing relic. From what I can see on the website you still "register" your copyright but they use a capital R for the person and carefully avoid using the word as a noun. They end up having to call the register (thing) of copyright works a "compilation". Odd.

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