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Several years ago a photo library I contributed to was bought out by a larger one.  I continued to contribute until the number of pixels required became too heavy to carry around!  Soon after this the library in question posted several of my images on Alamy. They didn't mention this to me. A few months later I asked if any of my images had sold , as I hadn't heard anything.  They had, though not, I think on Alamy, and the libarary paid up. This is not the first time I've had to ask if my images have sold.  A little while ago, I noticed the images that were uploaded to Alamy by this library have now been removed, with no word to me.  Is this normal practice? 

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Sometimes it is incompetence. Your photo library may still be struggling with the takeover.

I once had an agency who sent me a cheque for collected sales along with a photocopy of the accounting page for my account.
I glance over their accounting page and realized that, while they had paid for recent sales, they had been neglecting to pay me for previous past sales over a 1 year period.
I pointed this out and they paid up immediately. There was no attempt to defraud on their part, just incompetence.
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I was writing a long answer to your post, but...


I've been in the agency business for decades

and I can only say that Alamy is the only agency

or library that I trust 100%.  Stick with Alamy and

you will not regret it.  (I do hope that James is reading

this and that Alamy and James never makes me regret

writing this.....)


On sticking with Alamy; I do not submit images to other

agencies or libraries.  There is some of my material that is

with Alamy as well as another major agency, but that dates

back before I signed up for the A.


BTW I am listening for Jethro Tull Augalung at full volume

while I am writing this....





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Thank you all for your responses.   I was with the original agency, the one that was taken over, before I signed up with Alamy.  I'm glad I did sign up with Alamy.  A you say, I find them honest and open in their dealings, and easy to work with. As I said, I have now stopped contributing to the said Agency, but of course they still hold a number of my images. I contribute to one other picture library, who are also very fair and I intend sticking with them and Alamy.


Very interesting to know how others feel about this. I know in the grand scheme of things it's not a big deal, but it is irritating!


Looking forward to a new year despite the world's financial problems. All the best for 2017 everyone!

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