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Managing/Deleting releases

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As a newbie, I admit I jumped into managing my submissions without reading any instructions.


Sooooo, as a consequence I managed to upload some images into my releases area thinking that releases was an Alamy term for images and then wondered why there was no QC reference.


They will never be used as model/property releases and are therefore just wasting space.


I have searched Alamy, Google and this forum but cannot find a way to delete these redundant files.


Can they be simply deleted?


Thanks in advance for your responses.

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I've not looked in a long time, but when I misnamed a release once years ago, I couldn't find how to delete it, either. A glaring omission.

Unless someone who knows more than I chimes in and tells us how.

Don't worry about not reading the available information. Sometimes I tend to jump off the cliff without knowing how deep the water is below. One of my many faults.

That said, there is a wealth of knowledge provided by Alamy, so I do suggest you read it.


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At a quick glance, if you click on "assign releases" in the image management section, you can then select and remove them.

Worth a try!





I think that only removes the assignment of that particular release to the image in question. The uploaded release is still there. Probably the best way is to email contributor services at contributors@alamy.com and ask them to delete the uploaded release for you.

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It's some time ago now but I wanted to delete a release and replace it with a newer version.  I asked MS (now Contributor Relations) but they said releases could not be deleted.


They may make an exception given that these are not actually releases.  Worth asking but I doubht you'll get a response for a few days now.



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