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Release old Photograph

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Could you write your own model release which states that the person the release is for is no longer with us and as next of kin, you would then sign and get someone to witness?

I guess in some ways it would be a little like a model release for a child.


You could also email Contributor services to ask the best way forward with this. They've probably encountered the scenario before...

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I have a question.


I have very old photographs from family members not living any more. The images belong to me and I have a property release.


I ignore how to set the Attributes. If I put "1 person" and click "no model release" (difficult to get a model release from deceased person) the license type automatically goes to RM although I have a property release and put "yes" under "property release".


I want to set the license type to RF.


Thanks for helping, much appreciated

On this moment you can not sell it as RF however Alamy is working on new contributor tools. Then it will be available. The best would be to wait until it is active and then set them as RF editorial. It is a big project so it is still unknown exactly when it goes life. As far as i know following the blogs it should be somewhere this year.



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