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Selling older images

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My last two sales this month were both Bs, taken on the same day in 2010 but of completely different subjects. The first, of some BA tail fins, was taken near Heathrow the night before I flew to Gibraltar. The second, of Diane Abbot MP, was taken earlier in the day, after the new coalition government had delivered its first budget.


The really strange thing for me is why a magazine would choose a six-and-a-half year-old image of a politician who has never been in the spotlight as much as she is today to illustrate an article on a speech she made very recently.

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Not sure about the A's and B's but


2010 or earlier - 29%

2011    19%

2012    12%

2013    15%

2014     24%

2015/16    1%


Have loaded up less over the last two years but not much action yet!!


Overall volume already higher than last year.




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