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Good morning from Upstate New York!


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Hello.   I'm a 50-something year old father, husband, son, brother and friend (in no particular order).   New to this type of way of selling my photography except for a small, more "casual" site focused on cell phone photography.   Just got a new lens for my Nikon D5300 and am having fun learning and shooting with it.   I look forward to becoming an Alamy contributor and learning all this.  I also am looking forward to meeting you and other cool folks on here.  Have a great day!

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Hello KBLucas, I'm a 70+ something or other.


Welcome to Alamy and the forums.


You have some good images up already and as far as I can see your keywording is good too.



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Hi Keith & good luck. Once spent some time tracking back & forth from Rochester to Kingston across the border. How I wound up in a Suffolk village is a long story!


Finger lakes are attractive, the more so in the coming month.


Those old car details: there are quite a few contributors into this kind of thing and they will want to nail the exact make, model and year of any such shots. "50s  era or 60s era" is pretty vague. Often at car shows there will be little notices with the details, worth keeping a notebook, or doing tight pix for later keywording. Better detail should increase your chances of landing sales. Forum members are often very helpful but it's not reasonable to expect them to do a whole batch.



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