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Deletion Correct way to delete??

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Hi All


I have recently had the need to delete a couple of images only to replace them with better images i.e. better lighting viewpoint etc etc.


So I delete all the kewords and tick for deletion when checked in searches all kewords are visible and haven't been changed .



1.Am I doing it correctly ?


2. Is there a better way i.e. have a deletion pseudo?


As I have a bit of tweaking to do and wish to do it in the best way to keep stats on the up.





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If you need to delete images to swap for better versions, upload the better versions first and then email member services who will delete the old versions for you.


Do not remove keywords and delete before uploading replacements as clients often come back to purchase images they have seen previously. If they can't find the image again then you may miss out on a sale...



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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