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Email fails, but Microsoft delivers!

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I've dished out a fair amount of criticism in the direction of Microsoft in the past, but here's a happy tale...


My e-mail ceased to function, Outlook in Office 2007 ground to a halt, couldn't find a file or something.


I searched the Internet for a cure, tried several things but nothing worked. I then started an online chat with a Microsoft technician. This person did not have the expertise to deal with the problem, and said that I should phone another specialist agent for assistance. On remarking that I was adverse to running up a large phone bill, I was told that the agent would phone me. 


A young lady, based in Manila, the Philippines, got in touch. The opening lines were not promising, Microsoft no longer supported my ancient copy of Office, but I could take out a maintenance contract at £95 the year or £65 the month. I suggested that Gmail would be a cheaper option, expecting there to be an embarrassing silence or the line to go dead. But, no, this very helpful person, working nightshift, continued. She talked me through the repair process, step by step, including how to access hidden files and other esoteric procedures, with great patience and clarity.  I didn't actually manage to fix the problem during the call, but I was given enough information and confidence to bring about a cure, which I duly did.


Great service Microsoft!  :)

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It depends on how many and which functions you need in Outlook. Long ago I had to replace Outlook Express with Windows Live Mail. It seems to be an excellent little programme. Worked well in Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and also does so in Windows 10.



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