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Have you found any Alamy photographs March 2016

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Guardian online


B3BA7H picturesbyrob woman carrying recycling box



CX79E2 ACORN 10 Great Yarmouth



C3RDX0 Valentyn Volkov Appetizing strawberries in the bowl.



B47YMN Gary K Smith Platanus x hispanica  (cropped)



Thanks for Clare, my one of the woman carrying a recycling box is a frequent flyer

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Thank you guys and gals for all your hard work finding these images. But none of mine have been found this month. :(



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I am interested how long it takes for Alamy to show image sale in my account? It's been almost 6 months since this image was used.






Email member services to get on the case.  I normally send them a reminder after 3 months if 1 hasnt been reported

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