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Have you found any Alamy photographs March 2016

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All photographs found by the Scarborough Photographer



Photographer: Kathy De Witt





Photographer: Sergio Azenha







Photographer: Kathy deWitt



The above photos were found in the Guardian (24-3-16)


The article (by Laura Stewart) is concerned with the rise in popularity of cycling as a way to commute. Laura suggests that would be cyclists could take a cycling course (such as Bike Right). Or perhaps practising in a park could help build cycling proficiency. Alternatively a good way forward might be to join a club or a big group (eg Sky Ride) that caters for cyclists of all abilities.







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Times and/or Tablet Edition 26th

P15 FRYEA0 Penzance, Cornwall, UK. 25th March 2016. UK Weather. A glorious start to the day in Cornwall, as the sun rises over St Michaels Mount on Good Friday. © Simon Maycock/Alamy Live


P35 BR92EN Kris Pannecoucke Breast ironing with spade in Douala Cameroon

P37 C9Y8D7 EDDIE FISHER Princess Margaret.Supplied by Photos, inc.(Credit Image: © Supplied By Globe Photos, Inc/Globe Photos/ZUMAPRESS.com

Times Weekend 26th


P3 CNY9AH   Adam Burton Picturesque Cotswolds village of Castle Combe, Wiltshire, England. Spring (April) 2009 (Probably, attribution vague)


P5 C93DKR radnorimages  Edw river, Aberedw, Radnorshire (Probably, attribution vague)


P7 ARCNTX  John Miller House in the Clouds and Windmill, Thorpeness, Suffolk, England (Probably, attribution vague)


P9 BD4H19 Mark Sunderland River Coquet Upper Coquetdale Northumberland England (Possibly, attribution vague, severe crop)

P19 EXAP99 A. D. Fletcher Athyrium filix-femina 'Frizelliae'

P20 E5293P Matthew Barnes Cynara cardunculus, Globe artichoke, Cardoon growing in a garden in Northamptonshire, England, UK

p26-27 BNG3DH MARKA Taxis in front of the Casa Grande hotel on the Plaza Caspedes where Fidel Castro gave his first speech in 1959. Santiago de Cuba

P33 FAJP95 Julian Eales Buildngs and houses on the beach at Seaview Isle of Wight UK


P33 AA2X88   Patrick Eden Seaview Hotel Isle of Wight England UK

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USA, The Washington Post, Travel section, Issue date: March 27th 2016


Pg. F1, Aigues-Mortes. Petite Camargue, Gard, Languedoc-Roussillon, France, Jerome Moreaux (credit to Alamy only)




Pg. F6, Primrose Hill, Camden, London, Robert Stainforth



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i (from The Independent)  |  26 Mar 2016  |  UK  |  English  | Page: 50
Hodgkinson’s Brunswick Centre was a public-private partnership before the concept had even been developed
Photograph: Gapper/Alamy
The Guardian  |  26 Mar 2016  |  UK  |  English   | Page: 52
The average house price in Winchester has grown faster than anywhere else in the past decade, up from £249,703 to £446,796
Photograph: Steve Vidler/Alamy
The Guardian  |  26 Mar 2016  |  UK  |  English    | Page: 42
A beach house in East Hampton, Long Island, where more than half of the town’s houses are empty for most of the year. Left, a Hamptons food refuge. Right, a summer worker on one of the Long Island estates
Main photograph: Alan Gignoux/ Alamy
The Guardian  |  26 Mar 2016  |  UK  |  English   | Page: 30
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Photograph of a Minke whale Photographer: rebrickstock.com
The above photograph of a Minke wale appeared on Wayne Pacelle's Blog on the Human Society's website. Wayne argues that the despite the fact that the International Court of Justice (ICJ) had ruled in March of 2014 that Japan's research whaling in the southern ocean was illegal according to an International whaling commission ruling, Japan chose to respond by initiating it's own research programme.

Click here for researching photographer



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USA, Washingtonian magazine, April 2016 issue


Pg. 11, Donald Trump, AJPYHH Richard Levine 




P. 11, Bernie Sanders, FFP1B9 Richard Ellis




Pg. 11, Ted Cruz, F183K5 Richard Ellis




Pg. 18, Alexander Hamilton, FEFT7N Olekcii Mach



Pg. 18, Hamilton and Washington, A69K88 North Wind Picture Library




Pg. 47, Office building, C9CPAW Cynthia Farmer




Pg. 52, Movie still from All The President's Men, DXM04P  Ronald Grant Archive



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USA, Washingtonian magazine, April 2016 issue


I had to split issue into two posts since I exceeded the amount of photos in one post.


Pg. 85, Great Falls State Park, DHM2B1 Simon Crumpton




Pg. 85, Appomattox, Virginia, C8HNRD National Geographic Creative




Pg. 96, Georgetown, Washington, DC, BH0CDW Stuart Pearce




Pg. 108, Harper's Ferry, West Virginia, DB2AM7 Pat Blackley



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USA, Washingtonian magazine, April 2016 issue


I missed a page!  All of these are cut out of just the head


Pg. 12, Marco Rubio, FHYG33 EPA/Craig Lassig




Pg. 12, Hillary Clinton, ER5M41 Richard Ellis




Pg. 12, Ted Cruz, F183MH Richard Ellis




Pg. 12, Donald Trump, C69JG1 Everett Collection




Pg. 12, Bernie Sanders, F3NWTW A.T. Willett




Pg. 12, John Kasich, D6BF92 DPA Picture Alliance Archive



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A balancing act by acrobats at the Circomedia circus training school based at St Paul’s church in Bristol.

Photograph by Jeff Morgan/ Alamy

The Observer  |  27 Mar 2016  |  UK  |  English    | Page: 33
Rajendra Pachauri says his computers and telephone were hacked and that he has ‘repeatedly received anonymous death threats’.
Photographs by Kay Nietfeld/Alamy
The Observer  |  27 Mar 2016  |  UK  |  English   | Page: 19
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Sunday Times Tablet Edition 27th

ANGH62 Chris Batson Carphone Warehouse shop retail outlet Cheapside City of London

DB8X7R Matthew Woodward A teacher marking a poor exam paper

DEB0PB Keith Morris A doctor using a stethoscope on a patient in an Accident and Emergency department of a NHS national health service hospital UK

Sunday Times Home and/or Tablet Edition 27th

P18 DJ9DG2 Terry Mathews Park Lane, W1 City of Westminster sign on black railings in the city of London (used as cut out and modified)

P25 APRA0R David Pick The White House, Kalami, Corfu, Greece


P25 C55Y6B Brian Jannsen Bell tower of Saint Spyridon Church rises above the old buildings of Corfu Town (Kerkyra), on the Ionian Island of Corfu



P32  F4NFNN  John Glover   herbaceous border and garden view


P33 CB9RHE  Michael Harris  Cloud Tree, Ilex Crenata, Japanese Holly Topiary. This is Japanese Holly that has been shaped into Topiary Cloud Trees


Sunday Times Travel and/or Tablet Edition 27th


P3 F1A7N5 Steve Tulley No Title - Couple, Pepsi Ad.Long Island NY?


P4 EBBT29 Simon Dack Converted VW Volkswagon camper van turned into a Mexican fast food stall in the Gansevoort Market New York


P8 EBDDTF Igor Gonzalo Sanz  Barcelona Palau de la Musica Barcelona, Spain


P9 D01H28 Deborah Harmes Unidentified men play ping pong in the Parc de la Ciutadella in Barcelona, Spain on a sunny day while other people watch them


P13 EG5AKN  JOHN KELLERMAN  Skyline las Vegas


P13 EB7B9E   Richard Green The High Roller Ferris Wheel in Las Vegas, Nevada


Sunday Times Business and/or Tablet Edition 27th


CEP1MH  Kumar Sriskandan  Loch Fyne seafood shop, the Loch Fyne restaurant, Cambridge UK (Might not be Alamy Kumar's name only)

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Found in an article asking Is the NHS at risk with BREXIT?


An opinion on the NHS found in the Guardian by Photographer Scarborough


Jeremy Hunt (secretary of state for culture, Olympics, media and sport) begins by saying that if Britain leaves Europe the economy will suffer resulting in NHS funding being cut. He believes that Britain would be worse off and less secure by voting yes to BREXIT. He justifies this opinion by citing the London School of Economics and the CBI who project that the economy could shrink by 5%. The following photo by Alamy photographer Mark Thomas was used to illustrate the report.





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Haven't watched the episode yet, just reviewed the credits, but there's an Alamy image used in the UK Channel 4 documentary, Shakespeare's Tomb.


(I had a search on Alamy recently for "shakespeare TOMB", then saw a BBC article on the C4 documentary, so figured there must be some kind of connection :ph34r: ). Sadly, I know it ain't gonna be my image! :(

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Times and/or Tablet Edition 28th

FKHBHM London, UK. 09th Mar, 2016. The picket line at St Thomas' Hospital. Junior Doctors stage another 48 hours of strike action against the new contracts due to be imposed by the Governemnt and health minister Jeremy Hunt. © Guy Bell/Alamy Live News

P27 FT9G2P Palmyra, Syria. 26th Mar, 2016. A view of ancient pillars in Palmyra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Syrian Government's army is fighting with ISIS militants for control of the heritage site. © Valery Sharifulin/TASS/Alamy Live News

P39 B9E5H1 zerega Airbus A 380 above cloud cover cruising at 36000 feet with contrail behind

AETGW3 Duncan Hale-Sutton The Royal Yacht Britannia moored outside Ocean Terminal, Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

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Guardian online

B3BA7H picturesbyrob woman carrying recycling box


CX79E2 ACORN 10 Great Yarmouth


C3RDX0 Valentyn Volkov Appetizing strawberries in the bowl.


B47YMN Gary K Smith Platanus x hispanica  (cropped)

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Just found one of mine on the Telegraph Online website (UK).


My exclusive to Alamy image is credited to Getty/Fotolia/AP :angry:


edit: mine and one other picture shown.



Better check that G has not stolen it.



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"Sunday Times Business and/or Tablet Edition 27th


CEP1MH  Kumar Sriskandan  Loch Fyne seafood shop, the Loch Fyne restaurant, Cambridge UK (Might not be Alamy Kumar's name only)"


Thanks for spotting that one Bryan!!




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